"Kobanê did not fall, nor will the HDP”

There have been protests against the political campaign of annihilation against the Kurdish opposition in Turkey in numerous cities in Europe, including Duisburg, Hamburg, Bern, Zurich, Solothurn and Ulm.

A new political campaign of annihilation against the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) was launched in Turkey on Friday. Among those arrested are high-ranking party members, including the co-mayor of Kars, Ayhan Bilgen; filmmaker, former member of parliament and former spokesperson of the Imrali Delegation Sirri Süreyya Önder; foreign policy spokesman Nazmi Gür, political economist and journalist Alp Altınörs, former members of parliament Ayla Akat Ata, Altan Tan and Emine Ayna as well as the former members of the executive council Ali Ürküt, Gülfer Akkaya, Can Memiş, Beyza Üstün, Günay Kubilay, Dilek Yağlı, Berfin Köse, Bircan Yorulmaz, Cihan Erdal and Pervin Oduncu.

The background to the arrest operationa is their alleged participation in protests in October 2014, when the HDP also raised its voice against the Turkish government's support for the jihadist terrorist militia during the ISIS attack on the city of Kobanê in Western Kurdistan/Northern Syria and when Erdoğan loudly said “Kobanê is about to fall”.

Kurdish umbrella organizations KCDK-E (European Kurdish Democratic Society Congress), KON-MED (Confederation of the Communities from Kurdistan in Germany) and TJK-E (Kurdish Women’s Movement in Eueope) have called for spontaneous protests in Europe against this political genocide operation. Numerous people took to the streets and made it clear: "Kobanê did not fall, nor will the HDP. Further actions are planned for Saturday as well.


In Duisburg, numerous people gathered on Königstrasse to protest against the suppression of the democratic opposition in Turkey. In the name of the Kurdish Community Center DKTM, Amara Çîya gave a speech and pointed out that the order for the wave of arrests was given by the "dictator in the palace" and must be seen as part of the occupation policy of the AKP/MHP government in Kurdistan; “It is a revenge campaign against the HDP, which received millions of votes in the last elections.”

Further speeches were made by Onur Güler of AGIF and Özden Ateş of the German Left Party DIE LINKE. At the end of the rally there was a call for participation in a demonstration to be staged on Saturday in Düsseldorf.


The "Democratic Alliance of Forces", in which Kurdish and Turkish-origin organizations are united, held a rally at the Sternschanze suburban train station in Hamburg. On behalf of the alliance, Serhat Çetinkaya called for solidarity with the HDP and declared that the party could not be destroyed by repression.


In Ulm, activists from AGIF, ATIF, DIDF and HDP protested against the Turkish regime at a "Fridays for Future" event. A solidarity action for the HDP is planned for Tuesday in Ulm.


In Switzerland, people took to the streets in Bern, Zurich and Solothurn in solidarity with the HDP. In Bern, activists of the "Democratic Alliance of Forces" took part in a "Fridays for Future" demonstration on the global climate strike. Numerous other protest actions in Switzerland have been announced for Saturday.