KCK's Sabri Ok urges Turkish state to enable urgent access to İmralı

KCK's Sabri Ok called upon peoples and democratic circles to mobilise for Öcalan, saying that denial of communication with İmralı was no ordinary case, and warning that Kurdish people will have no patience if it continues like this.

KCK Executive Council Member Sabri Ok who answered questions of journalist M. Emin Yıldırım for Stêrk TV called attention to the growing concerns over the situation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan in the wake of the coup attempt of July 15.

Remarking that banning the İmralı talks was one of the decisions made for the State of Emergency, Ok said Kurdish institutions called for mobilisation for Öcalan in the face of the increasing concerns over his wellbeing after the capture of the military commander in charge of İmralı.

Ok underlined that there will a huge danger in the event that the concerns of the Kurdish people over their Leader are not relieved, and continued; "Kurds could bear with or show patience on many things but things do change for the Kurdish movement and people when Leader Apo is in question. The sensitivity of Kurds over Leader Apo is very different. We are right to have concerns and doubts over Leader Apo who was already facing many threats, such as letters saying that he will be destroyed unless he accepts Erdoğan's authority. These letters were handed over to him under the supervision of the AKP ruling. This is an open pressure and psychological warfare. On the other hand, media reports say that the commander in charge of İmralı is among those arrested after the coup attempt. While these people are targeting, shooting, bombing and killing each other, we have the right to ask about Leader Apo's situation because of the fact that he could also be subject to same things. This is why we are worried about him. We do not consider the current state of things to be usual and ordinary. The continuation of this situation as it is could result in the declaration of an uninterrupted and endless war. Kurdish people will have no patience in that case."

Mentioning the ongoing protests and demonstrations highlighting concerns over Öcalan's situation, Ok stated that these protests will become violent if there takes place no development shedding light on the Kurdish leader's wellbeing. Recalling the protests staged during the process of the international conspiracy against Öcalan, Ok said such more intensified demonstrations will be witnessed both inside and outside Turkey if the denial of contact with Öcalan continues.

"If the Turkish state has a little bit reason and morality, they should let independent delegations, Leader Apo's family and lawyers access to İmralı at once.”

Stressing that Kurds have the right to know what is happening on İmralı amid the ongoing conflict environment all around the country, Ok said the Turkish state has to understand and answer this demand.

"We call upon the Turkish state to open the way to İmralı immediately and enable his meeting with his family, lawyers and delegations. On the other hand, our people should stand up and raise their voices every single second until Leader Apo is accessed. The situation is critical. Our people, politics, diplomacy should mobilise international institutions, states and non-governmental organisations, bring up this subject on their agenda and and accomplish a result", Ok added.