KCK: It is the guerrilla that caused the Turkish state’s crisis

KCK pointed out the economic crisis in the written statement issued for the 34th anniversary of the August 15 lunge. KCK said, “It is the guerrilla who resist with the spirit of August 15 that caused the Turkish state’s deep crisis.”

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-Presidency issued a written statement and commended the 34th anniversary of August 15, 1984 lunge when the guerrilla shot the first bullet against the Turkish state.

KCK said: “On the 34th anniversary of the August 15 guerrilla lunge, we remember all our martyrs with respect and gratitude in the person of the great commander Mahsum Korkmaz. We celebrate the Resurrection Day for our people and Leader Apo, who made the August 15 lunge possible with great effort and tenacity.”

The statement included: “The August 15 lunge started as an insurgency and resistance against the genocide of Kurds, who are a people of the lands where human culture first developed, society was first created. August 15 is the day of action taken to revive a people that faced cultural and physical genocide. That is why August 15 is celebrated as Resurrection Day.”


The statement pointed to the conditions the August 15 lunge was created under, its outcomes and the current state of the guerrilla’s struggle and continued: “At a time when September 12 fascism crushed revolutionary movements in Turkey and Kurdistan and people thought no voice could ever be raised against the state, the August 15 lunge happened. The fascist military junta thought the order they created with the fascist constitution would not falter for decades and that they could complete the Kurdish genocide during that time. August 15 voided these sinister plans and dealt a great blow to the genocidal system. With this guerrilla lunge, the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom was developed and the path to a struggle for democracy was opened for the peoples of Turkey.


The August 15 guerrilla lunge has fought and prevailed under the harsh conditions that is the style of the Kurdistan revolution, overcome all hardship and pushed back all attacks, continued the fight non-stop for 34 years. All developments in Kurdistan, Turkey and the Middle East have been shaped with this struggle. With the guerrilla struggle, a democratic revolution, a social revolution and a cultural revolution has come to pass in Kurdistan through serhildans (uprisings) and the invincible strength of the Kurdish people has come to the fore. It has given strength to the struggle of the Kurdish people not just in Bakure (Northern) Kurdistan, it has made important gains like in Bashure (Southern) and Rojavaye (Western) Kurdistan possible. It has created a national sentiment and unity throughout Kurdistan on a societal level, and brought the Kurdish people’s strength for the fight. The magnificent developments in the Kurdish society in the line of women’s emancipation have made the Kurdish people into the leading people for the democratic revolution in the Middle East.


The August 15 lunge hasn’t just been a military struggle. It has shown results most in the political, societal and cultural areas. It has taken its place in history as the largest force for transformation. It has become an action that changed the fate of not just the Kurdish people, but all the peoples of the Middle East. At a time when the September 12 fascism and all authoritarian regimes in the Middle East pushed the peoples of the Middle East into despair, it has created the hope for freedom in all peoples and has put forth the direction of the free future for the peoples. Today if the peoples are putting forth a demand for freedom in the atmosphere of the ongoing World War III, if peoples are up in arms everywhere, the August 15 lunge has played a great role in it. Because the August 15 lunge has brought forth the awareness, will and desire to fight for freedom and democracy in the Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East.


Under the conditions of World War III where a new balance will be built, those with animosity against the Kurds’ struggle for freedom and the democratic life of the peoples have increased their attacks to avoid defeat. The August 15 lunge is the style that can carry the peoples’ struggle for freedom to victory in the ongoing World War III in the Middle East with the sacrificing style of struggle it has created when it emerged on the stage of history under the harshest conditions. As such, the guerrilla has resisted these attacks with the sacrificial spirit and pushed the attackers to political, economic, societal and cultural crises. It is the guerrilla resisting with the spirit of August 15 that caused the Turkish state’s deep political, economic, societal and cultural crisis.


The guerrilla and the Kurdish people have now become the most effective force that determine developments under the conditions of the ongoing World War III in the Middle East with Leader Apo’s great strength in thought. All forces in the Middle Eastern war are in a political and ideological bind, and try as they might with their military means, they can’t achieve results. That is why the ones who will truly gain power and prevail under the conditions of World War III will be the peoples and the Kurdish people who fight with the August 15 spirit.

In the 35th year of the August 15 lunge, when the Kurdish people and all peoples of the Middle East fight under the atmosphere of hardship and oppression, all forces that are enemies of freedom and democracy will lose and the peoples will win like never before in history.

Today is the day to increase the struggle and win big with the spirit of August 15 and the style of the Kurdistan revolution, the style to fight and win under harsh conditions.”