Palo talks about Palme murder and its consequences for Kurds

Zülküf Palo, one of the HPG commanders who had been detained in Sweden for a long time, talked to ANF about the murder, 34 years ago, of former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme.

Zülküf Palo, one of the HPG commanders who had been detained in Sweden for a long time, talked to ANF about the murder, 34 years ago, of former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme and the closure of his case file closed by the Swedish Chief Prosecutor's office last month.

Much has been said about Olof Palme both internationally and by the Kurds. As someone who knows about that period, what do you want to draw attention to?

The fact that Olof Palme was not liked by a certain group in his own country is not mentioned very much. He was an unpredictable person. He was a democratic and humanitarian person, someone who stood by the oppressed peoples. In the 1960s, he was behind the banner protesting America by walking hand in hand with the Vietnamese during marches against the Vietnam war and American imperialism. He was the only leader in the Western world to visit Fidel Castro, the President of Cuba, a country subjected to international embargo. He was a person and leader against the established order.

He was a loved politician in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and even in the Soviet Union.

He was a mediator in the late 1970s. He was one of the figures who had a great share in the end of the Iran-Iraq war.

The mid-1980s was the period when change imposed itself and there were some movements in the Soviet Union. The weight of Olof Palme in countries with no bounds was serious. He stood against nuclear weapons. He worked in international disarmament committees etc. he was someone working with the people. A week after his murder, had he not been killed, he would have attempt to lift nuclear weapons.

Olof Palme was very active during that campaign. The elections were close and he said he would not pursue a policy in Sweden after the elections.

What did he want to do, what was his goal?

The oppressed of the world, poor countries, many of the democratic countries were preparing for Olof Palme to become the United Nations (UN) Secretary. A tiny country like Sweden was narrow in Olof Palme's way of intending politics. He could pursue his mission better at international level. He had such preparation and skills.

How did the US view Palme?

Olof Palme was never invited by the United States when he was actively doing politics as prime minister. He was a disliked by American powers. If remembered, they invited the person who replaced him to America immediately one year after Olof Palme was murdered.

Is it possible for the security within the State not to know what was about to happen?

There were seriously fascist segments in Sweden, with the permit of carrying arms, that is, the army and the police, especially the Swedish Intelligence Organization (SÄPO). It is known that there were fascist organizations among officers and commanders in the army. It is known that people in the army and intelligence were holding meetings and issued threats to Palme. His murder did not happen without the knowledge of this fascist structure. They are partners in this murder. When someone enters Sweden, they know everything from A to Z and follow him. How can someone come from outside and shoot down the prime minister when they have such skills? No, such thing is impossible.

Was the opposition to Palme reflected in the press?

Some caricatures were published by people who do not like Olof Palme in the Swedish press. These caricatures reflected him a "demonized" personality and things like that. There was no investigation because the people who should have carried out such an investigation were actually behind this smear campaign.

How and why did they “involve” the PKK in this issue?

It was precisely at that time that an attempt was made to portray the PKK as the ‘bogeyman’ in Europe, especially by international reactionary forces. A revolutionary movement such as the PKK had emerged and was developing despite all the obstacles at a time when the struggles for national liberation were gradually coming to an end. Turkey could not stop the PKK, despite having the support of NATO and the countries of the region. A part of the Scandinavian public was really made to believe that the PKK was a 'terrorist organization'. To make this even more credible they thought of saying that the PKK had killed Palme. And they went along with that.

Did Germany have a role in this process?

Germany is at least as responsible for this murder as Sweden. After the 1980 coup in Turkey the Turkish desk was transferred to Germany. Germany, at least until after 1980, began to deal with the PKK and the Kurds as much as Turkey did. It's still like that. It was very quiet despite all the developments in the murder and post-murder process. However, German intelligence was very active in the process of murder.

Was the PKK aware of all this, what did it do against it?

They wanted to blame the PKK for the murder, but the PKK was and is very transparent. Whether it is considered positive or negative, it claims whatever action it carries out. 6 months before the Palme murder, reports were published in a section of the Swedish press, saying, "The PKK will hit Olof Palme", "There is a threat on Palme". At that time, the PKK European Representation also published a statement to be distributed to the international public. In this statement it said: "Is a conspiracy against Olof Palme being prepared? Will this conspiracy be implemented and blamed on the PKK?”

Nobody took this statement seriously at that time. After Olof Palme murder, "journalists" who had said "the PKK will kill Palme", insisted shamefully claiming that "there is proof that the PKK hit Olof Palme."

The PKK understood that this threat and smear campaign was an indication of the conspiracy developed by international powers against Olof Palme. In this respect, such a declaration had been published to inform the public.

Afterwards, everyone accepted that it was nonsense to blame the PKK. The Swedish judgment confirmed this, but closed the file. Should it end like this?

The Swedish Attorney General's office said after 34 years that indeed it was a nonsense to blame the PKK for the murder of Olof Palme. However, he must explain to the public what and how caused this absurdity, who created this absurdity, where it started, how it was done.

There are many patriots who have been caught into this blame game. Their grievances must somehow be resolved. Besides, there is a political movement like the PKK, which is really important. There is a freedom movement. For 34 years, they have accused it to be a 'terrorist' organisation. The PKK was victimized by Sweden.

How could Sweden repair to this victimization?

Apology is the simplest way. These damages caused by the Swedish state to the PKK for 34 years should somehow be compensated. Maybe we cannot completely cancel this perception that has been created, but at least it should take some steps.

* They should simply give up the fairy tale that the “PKK is a terrorist organization”. This is what Sweden should do first. The Swedish state should stop labelling the PKK as a ‘terrorist organisation’ and work so that the European Union countries also stop labelling the PKK like that. Maybe in this way, it can compensate some of the damage done to the PKK and Kurds.

* Sweden should apologize to PKK supporters and to Kurds.

* All those sections that blame the PKK and the Kurds for this murder should also come clear and apologize.