Erdogan prepares to annex Afrin

The Turkish state has declared war on Kurdistan from Shengal to Maxmur. The Bahceli-Erdogan coalition wishes to complete what ISIS was unable to do against the Yazidis. In this regard, the Kurdish people should raise hell with a spirit of mobilization.

The Turkish state is striving tirelessly to complete the genocide and erase the Kurds from history. He doesn't do it secretly; he does it in front of the entire world. Of course, there are reasons for him to be so careless.

The Turkish state was founded on the annihilation of peoples and exposing them to genocide. Hence it has a powerful historical background in this regard. Nobody was ever brought to account for those genocides. Furthermore, the United States, NATO, and European countries have all supported the genocide against the Kurds since the foundation of the republic.

Europe and the United States are not unaware of the fact that the Kurds are persecuted and that even their language is forbidden. Despite this, they formed an alliance with Turkey, allowing it to build a powerful army. Since the establishment of the republic, this army has not fought any foreign power or state.

The Turkish army is NATO's second-largest army. And for the past four decades, this army has been relentlessly attacking the Kurds. Turkish planes are pounding the entire Kurdistan territory, from Shengal to Maxmur, from Afrin to Asos, from Dersim and Ağrı to Mardin, day and night, summer and winter, without meeting any obstacles or borders.

Where does Turkish fascism acquire its unrivalled power and aggression? Is it a prosperous country? Does it build these jets and military equipment itself? Obviously, no. It obtains all of this assistance from the United States and NATO, as well as the European countries and reactionary Middle Eastern allies.

Furthermore, the Kurds, who are the victims of genocide, as well as those who fight and lead the struggle on their behalf, have been labelled terrorists by these forces. The hands of the genociders are free, but those who fight and oppose the genocide are wanted their hands tied and hurled out of legitimacy.

Those who establish politics based on interests and despotism, by definition, lack human emotions and shame. While Turkey organizes and commits all manner of wickedness, these shameless circles express their deepest fears and concerns by presenting them to the press and the public in stylish costumes!

There is such rottenness and shamelessness that Erdogan shows at the UN General Assembly the Syria map in his palm, indicating the territories they will invade! The areas depicted on this map are where Kurds are settled. The areas from Afrin to the Tigris River, i.e. Derik, would be purged of Kurds, and the families of Erdogan's gangs, Turkmens, and those imported from Turkey would take their place. They will complete the genocide in these territories by displacing the Kurds from their habitats, resulting in a clear demographic shift.

This genocide and occupation are expressed at the so-called people's assembly. Worst of all, and most shamefully, the UN had no reaction or objection to the idea.

Even worse, after Turkey struck a deal with Trump to carry out this plan and occupied Serêkaniyê and Girê Spi, the UN secretary-general rushed to Ankara, while the smoke from the demolitions was still rising and the blood of the murdered people had not yet dried, and shook the hand of a bloody dictator like Erdogan.

Everyone knows that there is ethnic cleansing in Afrin and that hundreds of thousands of Kurds have been uprooted. Furthermore, the UN Human Rights Watch documented and reported on Turkey's war crimes in the occupied territory. However, in practice, nothing has been done against it. And Erdogan is currently carrying out the plan he presented at the UN General Assembly without any hitches.

The Turkish government is currently constructing around sixty settlements in Afrin, primarily in the regions close to Turkey. It also settles Arabs, Turkmen, and their gangs in these areas. Erdogan obtains funding for these projects from nations such as Qatar or Europe. Europe provides billions of euros to Erdogan for refugee assistance. Erdogan is free to spend the money however he sees fit.

On whose land are Erdogan's villages and towns being built? Are these lands unclaimed? What happened to the proprietors of these properties and lands? Who benefits from whose land? Nobody is asking these questions.

Who gives Erdogan the authority to save so much in another country, Syria? The fascist Erdogan is invading Syrian territory and violating international law. Not content with this, he seizes Kurdish settlements and lands and expels the residents. He brings in others and settles them on Kurds’ lands. The United Nations, Europe, and Russia are all onlookers.

It is as if the Kurds are destined to genocide and attacks and this is international law. Turkey has built a wall all along the Syrian border and is constructing a wall along the Iranian border now, while the Iraqi border is abundant with military posts. In front of the world's eyes, walls are being constructed in between the Kurds.

It was once customary in Turkey, from the right to the left, to refer to the Berlin Wall as the "Wall of Shame". Israel's barriers against Arabs have also been heavily criticized. However, no one in Turkey refers to these walls as "walls of shame."

From the government to the bewildered opposition, everyone is either silent or supportive in the face of these walls. They are either accomplices or mute in the face of Kurdish genocide and demographic change.

The Turkish state has declared war on Kurdistan from Shengal to Maxmur. The Bahceli-Erdogan coalition wishes to complete what ISIS was unable to do against the Yazidis.

In this regard, the Kurdish people should virtually raise hell with a genuine spirit of mobilization and rage. Only organized resistance and force can put an end to the oppressors. These brutal murderers have already been exposed. The issue is now one of resistance and organizing. Kurdistan's people have this power and experience.

Source: Yeni Özgür Politika