Empty words

A dominant wing within the KDP is doing everything it can to keep its agreements with the Turkish state and provoke an armed conflict with the guerrillas. Statements to the contrary prove to be empty words in practice.

The military movements of the KDP in the guerrilla area at the beginning of June have been met with serious reactions out of concern about an internal Kurdish war. Friends of the Kurdish people, Kurdish artists and intellectuals have launched various initiatives. Of course, it was unthinkable that the people and their intellectuals would remain silent about the attacks aimed at genocide and occupation, given the level reached in the Kurdish liberation struggle.

It can be assumed that public pressure and the population's unequivocal stance against a civil war have forced the KDP to reconsider its actions. Nevertheless, it is clearly visible that a dominant wing within the KDP is doing everything it can to create an armed conflict situation with the guerrillas so that the agreements reached with the fascist AKP/MHP regime can be honored.

The transfer of troops to the guerrilla areas continues. It is known that a large unit with heavy weapons is waiting in Sheladize to be moved to Rênçbiraxa in order to split the resistance in the Zagros Mountains. Likewise, it is common knowledge that such a military operation will lead to irreversible fighting with the guerrillas.

Masoud Barzani is said to have told Kurdish artists that he declares a Kurdish war haram and will not allow another civil war. Nothing can be said against this proclamation, but on the ground the situation looks different. Either Masoud Barzani simply made a political statement or attempts are being made against his will to trigger skirmishes with the guerrillas. The movements in Metina in recent days, the KDP's troop presence in Sheladize and Amadiya, the deployment of heavy weapons, the ambushes on the guerrillas' connecting routes, the trenches and checkpoints that have been built all point to serious preparations. Because this action has increased in speed in recent days, the public should know about it.

What is more desperate is the information that two days ago, at a meeting in Metina, the KDP units were ordered by a high-ranking commander of the KDP's special forces to attack the guerrillas at their respective locations. I wonder if Masoud Barzani is aware of this irresponsible order or knows that such information spreads among the population. In my opinion, it is inconceivable that he does not know about it. However, it must also be known that this instruction and similar initiatives by the KDP's own special forces pose a serious threat.

The KDP is building new bases in Metina and dispatching troops into the region. With only a few meters left between the guerrillas and the KDP, a provocation could detonate at any moment. As the footage published by journalist Seyit Evran shows, explicit preparations for war are taking place in the region.

According to the HPG, KDP forces immediately transmit the appropriate coordinates to the Turkish state when they see a guerrilla unit. This is immediately followed by a bombardment, which cannot be a coincidence. On the ground, it is clear that the Turkish state is not content with the KDP's intelligence. Therefore, it is highly likely that the KDP's actions are at the intense instigation of the Turkish state. Nevertheless, the KDP must distance itself from an internal conflict. Unfortunately, it is known that certain individuals within the KDP are attempting to provoke such a conflict.

In summary, there is no doubt that there are intensive and valuable efforts for national unity. However, it is becoming apparent that some statements have no value in practice on the ground. The PKK's attitude toward this issue is clear, and the guerrillas are making efforts to behave prudently. The same can hardly be said for the KDP. Sincerity means that what is said actually put into practice. For this reason, I do not believe that intentions need to be questioned here. The intention presents itself openly in the current situation.