Demirtas calls on people to go to the polls to “teach a lesson”

"Make sure to go to the ballots and cast your precious votes. After that will come a democratic victory, alongside a rightful political struggle."

Imprisoned former HDP Co-chair Selahattin Demirtas said the HDP voters have a strategic vote and added: “It is reason enough to go to the polls if just to teach these people a lesson.”

Demirtas spoke to the Yeni Yasam newspaper about the hunger strikes and the upcoming March 31 local elections.


Demirtas spoke about the hunger strikes and said: “The Imrali isolation system isn’t just Mr. Ocalan not being allowed to meet with his family and lawyers. Isolation is the name of the system of force and vice imposed upon all of society. Unless this isolation is broken, it is impossible to advance on the path of freedom, democracy or peace.”

Demirtas added: “As such, everybody should embrace these demands, whatever the price may be, along with a correct approach and while working for the election. Everybody should use all the resources they have to make these demands more visible.”

Imprisoned politician Demirtas continued: “With that, I would like to state that I believe the martyrdom of our friend Zulkuf Gezen, who put forth a sacrificing stance against current politics of fascism, and I am greatly sorrowed. In this process when our friend put his life on the line without a blink, nobody should be bogged down in tiny calculations. I offer my condolences to friend Zulkuf’s family and all our people.

Leyla Guven and the hunger strikes are a litmus test for those who demand peace. They are a bright stance that point to the way to defeat fascism. I hope the people responsible will take the matter and the demands seriously before another life is lost.”


Demirtas also spoke about the election and expressed his expectations, and said the following:

“We are not terrorists. We are victims of state terrorism that has continued for decades.

We are not separatists. We are a people who were subjected to divisions.

Whatever you do, whatever lie, slander or threat you hide behind, we are the ones who will bury your mindset and your ‘trustees’ in the ballots.

We are not in an alliance or a cooperation with either CHP or the IYI Party. But to send you to the trash bin of history, we will support the candidates of CHP and IYI Party despite themselves in the West and we will shake your power to the core.

Those who think HDP members to be fools will see the sharpness of their wit in the polls on March 31.


Demirtas called on HDP voters to go to the ballots and said:

“I have this request from all our people and our voters, if they hold me in the tiniest esteem: Bear your cross and make sure to go to the ballots and cast your vote to say NO FASCISM.

Election results could create an opportunity for peace and democracy to develop. That is why your votes are this valuable. Do not even consider boycotting the election.

We don’t expect our supporters to vote for CHP or IYI Party wholeheartedly in districts we haven’t put up candidates in. This is not realistic. But sometimes one vote can contain a multitude of messages. Your votes are of these strategically significant votes that have a multi-message power.

On Sunday March 31, your vote will be waiting for you by the ballot. Don’t leave it hanging there. Make sure to go to the ballots and cast your precious votes. After that will come a democratic victory, alongside a rightful political struggle.

We would have had more opportunities to convince our voters who are on the fence if I was not in here, but still, even here, even with limited resources, I try to do whatever I can. My message to all friends in big cities whose hearts don’t rest easy and who are unsure is: I take full responsibility. I request that you go and vote.


Don’t read these words and think ‘Was there something hidden that we don’t know that they insist so much?’ No. There is nothing hidden. There is fascism out in the open, and a courageous and brave resistance against it.

Any and all opportunities to push back, limit and weaken fascism will give us strength.

There is no need for ‘deep analysis’ conspiracy modes. Go to the ballots and teach a lesson against these undignified policies. It is reason enough to go to the polls if just to teach these people a lesson.

I salute all our people, and I wish them love and success. We will prevail!”