Barzan region is under the guerrillas' protection

The first response of Turkey against the independence referendum in South Kurdistan was to attack the Botî area of the Barzan district. It was once again the guerrillas of Kurdistan who stood against the attack.  

The Turkish army crossed the border with South Kurdistan on September 27 and launched a military operation against Tepê Xwedê mountain range of the Barzan region. Compared to "all other operations outside their own borders", this attack was aimed at an area bearing importance for the Barzanî family. This makes the Turkish assault way more noteworthy than any other attack against the guerrillas.

It is not the first time that the Turkish army crossed the South Kurdistan’s border but it is the first time Botî area of the Barzan region became the target. This area carries a significant importance for the Barzan tribe and the Barzanî family.


First of all, this operation is aimed more at the Barzani family than going for the guerrillas of the HPG (People's Defence Forces). Assaulting the villages Beg, Seklê and Petrotê in that region convey the message of how they will approach the Kurdistan Regional Government from now on. The massive bombardments and shelling with mortars, missiles, F-16 fighter jets, Kobra helicopters and unmanned SIHA drones are aimed at depopulating the villages and threatening the local people.

HPG guerrillas have no stationary positions in the region but it’s an area where there is a guerrilla activity to a certain level.

Of all the cross-border operations and invasions by the Turks, the Barzan area was never a target for the Turkish army. The region had always been spared and almost there was almost no fighting in Barzan region. Turkish army’s attack against Barzan region and the joint military drill with the Iraqi army at the Khabur border crossing are clear indications of preparations for an all-out invasion against South Kurdistan.

Turkish state not only suspended political and military agreements with South Kurdistan but Turkish army headed to the new concept of destroying Kurds and it holds open and secret negotiations with Iran and Iraq for this.

After all the threats against the Barzani family and against the people of South Kurdistan after the independence referendum, this "operation outside its own borders" can be considered as the first step.


Even though the truth is obvious, the Kurdistan Regional Government is still taking no steps towards the national unity and seeks to bind the benefits of the Kurds to Turkey.  This is nothing else but heedlessness. Everybody knows what the Barzan area means to the KDP. Even though Turkey assaulted the moral values of the Kurdish people, the KDP is still not taking a position in a common defence together with the HPG guerrillas. And this makes the stance of the KDP leadership towards the AKP more than clear.


Regardless of the origin and the method of the attack Kurdistan guerrillas stand in front of it. The guerrillas are stationed in Eastern Kurdistan, the Kirkuk-Mexmur line and in Northern Kurdistan. As it became evident with this latest operation, the guerrillas endeavour to defend not only those areas of strategic importance for them but in fact all the land which carries a value for all Kurdish people.

People's Defence Units (YPG) and Women's Defence Units (YPJ) also announced that they will stand against any possible operation against South Kurdistan.

Can’t we crown the unity of Kurdish people in spirit and mind with establishing a common defence force and national unity? South Kurdistan won’t lose anything because of this. On the contrary, such a step will make South Kurdistan stronger.