“Öcalan must be free to find solutions to Middle East’s problems”

PYD Executive Committee member Asad Menan said that Abdullah Öcalan's physical freedom should be secured to resolve the issues in the Middle East.

The occupant Turkish state has been imposing an aggravated isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan for years. Öcalan has not been allowed to meet with his lawyers and family.

PYD (Democratic Union Party) Executive Committee member Esad Menan said, “Following the first world war, the imperial states shaped the Middle East. The borders they designed are the source of the problem. Now, the third world war is taking place. Every country is trying to gain land. The Sykes-Picot agreement signed in 1916 no longer serves the interests of hegemonic powers. The Turkish state and international hegemonic powers also know that the key to the solution is Abdullah Öcalan. They don't want to resolve the problem. Otherwise, they would end the isolation."


Menan remarked that: “The Turkish state wants to establish a new Ottoman state by promoting the Muslim Brotherhood movement. However, the peoples of the Middle East endorsed the democratic nation project proposed by Leader Abdullah Öcalan. The peoples of the Middle East want to live in a multilingual and multicultural environment which respects their historical heritage. Currently, the peoples in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen are confronting similar issues. The peoples want democracy and freedom. However, the governments impose projects that serve their own interests in defiance of their citizens.”


Menan pointed out that the democratic nation project is a reasonable system.

“The democratic nation project is no danger to anyone. It does not serve the powers that exploit the people. Öcalan can play an important role in this direction. Everyone should struggle to end the isolation imposed upon Öcalan. The physical freedom of Leader Öcalan should be secured," Menan added.