Kurdistan is establishing its own 'embassy' in Lausanne

An artistic and political project titled "New World Embassy: Kurdistan" will open today in Lausanne.

A two-day artistic and political project titled "New World Embassy: Kurdistan" will be held on September 23 and 24 in Lausanne, where the Treaty of Lausanne was signed in 1923, resulting in Kurdistan being divided into four parts and imposing a century of destruction and denial on the Kurdish people.

The event will be hosted by the Vidy Lausanne theatre. This 'ephemeral embassy of a new world' centred on Kurdistan, is part of the commemorations of the Treaty of Lausanne which also opened the way to the physical, linguistic and cultural genocide of the Kurds.

The event has been devised by artist Jonas Staal and Nilufer Koç, a member of the National Congress of Kurdistan.

The two-day event, which will bring together politicians, artists and experts around the issue of stateless democracies and solidarity cultures, based on the paradigm of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, will see participants from the four parts of Kurdistan, as well as political figures from the international arena.

The program also includes a selection of movies chosen by Serekaniye director Sevinaz Evdike, as well as 4 workshops to provide an opportunity to present the speakers, their campaigns, their challenges and their current methods, in order to prepare participants for the diplomatic circles in the afternoon.

Each afternoon, two diplomatic circles will bring together a Kurdish delegate, a representative of an international organisation and a Swiss expert. Together, drawing inspiration from ecological and feminist initiatives in Kurdistan, they will discuss and imagine with the audience what it means to have a democracy beyond the State, a stateless decoloniality, the need for cultures of solidarity or the possibility of a global democratic confederalism.