Make Rojava Green Again publishes new report

A new report by Make Rojava Green Again has been published.

Make Rojava Green Again published its new report titled "We will defend this life, we will resist on this land. - Voices from the socio-ecological revolution of Rojava."

The report addresses the issue of social-ecological life in Rojava, and the effects of Turkish attacks in winter 2023-2024.

The introduction of the report underlines that "the revolutionary process in Rojava, based on the pillars of grassroots democracy, women’s liberation and social-ecology, is progressing. At the same time, the Turkish state is threatening it with continuous war, killing of civilians and political representatives, planned ecocide and attacks on basic civil infrastructure.

The history of Kurdistan, the ecological way of life of the people, the effects of the attacks, and the methods of resistance, are intrinsically related. In order to make them more understandable, we focused our report on the area of Koçerata. This region, its people and civil infrastructure in particular, were heavily targeted by Turkish airstrikes in winter 2023-2024."

Koçerata, the "Land of the Nomads", is a plain land where the Tigris river flows. For hundreds of years, Kurdish nomads have moved in the region, until the construction of the nation-state's borders. The report said that "with the creation of the Syrian state (1945) monoculture practices and models of intense urbanization and industrialization were imposed. Rûken Şêxo, from the village Girê Sor said that the life of the people from the region is very simple and beautiful. We don’t need a lot from the outside. From our childhood onward, we learned to create everything by ourselves, from the things we have. This is also what we are going to teach our children."

The report said that "the reality of Koçerata must be known as a meaningful and inspiring example of resistance. This is not just an example of theory, but it is, in the first place, an example of practice of resistance and self-organization. Against the current unsustainable system, Koçerata suggests sustainable ways of living, working and producing. The example of Koçerata wants to be a source of strength, hope and inspiration to think also about how we can resist and defend our territories, how we can build alliances with struggles in other geographies, communities and free life."

The full report can be downloaded here