'Make Rojava Green Again' at the global climate strike

Numerous activists of the Make Rojava Green Again campaign have participated in the global online climate strike in Northern Syria and Europe.

As a contribution to the global climate strike of Fridays for Future, which this time had to take place online due to the Corona pandemic, activists from Make Rojava Green Again and the Internationalist Commune in Northern Syria set out early in the morning to clean up a nearby forest and collect the garbage lying around. The forest is considered to be something special, because in the time before the revolution, the Syrian regime cleared almost all trees in order to cultivate monocultures on a large scale.

Local groups of 'Make Rojava Green Again' also took part in the global online strike from Europe.

The day before, Make Rojava Green Again and the Internationalist Commune of Rojava had called on everyone to join the global #ClimateStrikeOnline and share their actions. The statement of the two campaigns included the following:

“In this time of Corona pandemic and social distancing, this kind of global action brings us all together, understanding ourselves as a whole and going towards the same aim: the building up of an ecological and free society. We dream of a society based on social ecological values.

Social, because the problem of the ecological crisis and especially the climate crisis cannot be solved without "resolutely dealing with problems within society. To make this point more concrete; economic, ethnic, cultural, and gender conflicts, among many others, lie at the core of the most serious ecological dislocations we face today — apart, to be sure, from those that are produced by natural catastrophes.” (Murray Bookchin)

And ecological, because social problems cannot be solved without us renewing our link to nature, respecting it and understanding us as a whole.”