HPG: 19 Turkish soldiers were killed in guerrilla actions

During guerrilla actions in southern Kurdistan, 19 soldiers of the Turkish invading forces were killed, surveillance cameras and a military telescope were destroyed. The Turkish army used chemical weapons 23 times and carried out 31 airstrikes.

The press center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) released a statement on the ongoing Turkish invasion operation in guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). According to the statement, 19 members of the Turkish occupying forces were killed in guerrilla actions and four others were injured. The guerrillas destroyed a military position, two camera surveillance systems and a military telescope. The Turkish base Kanî Masî in Metîna was also struck by the guerrillas. The Turkish army was unable to achieve military results and bombarded the guerrilla positions 23 times with chemical agents and 31 times with fighter jets, according to the HPG statement. In addition, hundreds of artillery shells were fired at the guerrilla areas.

Regarding the guerrilla actions and the attacks by the Turkish army, HPG provided the following information:


On May 23, a soldier was shot dead by an HPG sniper at the Werxelê mountain range. When the Turkish forces tried to install a surveillance camera system in the area on the same day, the guerrillas intervened with heavy weapons. The Turkish unit took flight, leaving the surveillance camera behind.


On May 22, the Turkish army used chemical weapons and explosives against the Şehîd Tolhildan position at Kuro Jahro before attempting to advance. The guerrillas intervened and a battle ensued, forcing the Turkish forces to retreat.

On May 22 and 23, the occupation forces in the Şehîd Şahîn resistance area were struck by the guerrillas and forced to partially retreat. In the Cîloya Biçûk area, two soldiers were killed by an act of guerrilla sabotage on Monday.

Near the Şehîd Berxwedan position in the Şehîd Şahîn resistance area, two soldiers were killed in a guerrilla action on May 23, while a military position, a military telescope and two surveillance camera systems were destroyed. After the action, the Turkish forces attempted to attack the guerrilla position and were struck by guerrillas once again. Two soldiers were killed and one was injured as a result. Earlier in the evening, the Turkish forces attempted another advance and were stopped by the guerrillas with heavy weapons. The Turkish army used chemical weapons and explosives against the guerrilla position twelve times on Monday.

In the resistance area of Şikefta Birîndara, two guerrilla actions with firearms and hand grenades targeted an advancing Turkish unit on May 23. Three soldiers were killed and another wounded.

The areas of Şikefta Birîndara, Girê Cehennem and Şehîd Berxwedan were attacked eleven times by the Turkish army on Monday with a combination of chemical weapons and explosives.


On May 23, the Turkish base at Kanî Masî in Duhok governorate was targeted by guerrillas. A position and a garage on the grounds of the military base were damaged. On the same day, the guerrillas struck a covert Turkish army unit in the Şehîd Agir area of Girê Ortê from two flanks with hand grenades and firearms, killing two soldiers.


On May 19, guerrillas targeted a Turkish unit moving in the area of Girê Xaç in Xantûr, as a result of which seven soldiers were killed and two others wounded. The actions in Metîna and Heftanîn were carried out in retaliation for the fallen guerrilla commanders Mîrza and Andok.

Attacks of the Turkish army

The Turkish army attacked Medya Defense Zones hundreds of times with fighter jets, helicopters and howitzers on Monday.

In the Zap region, strikes by attack helicopters and howitzers targeted the areas of Girê Amediye, Girê Bihar, Girê FM, Saca, Çemço, Rênçbir Axa, Şikefta Birîndara, Kuro Jahro and Sîda. The same areas were bombed 17 times by fighter jets. In Metîna, the areas of Girê Hakkarî, Geliyê Beşîle and Golka were shelled by Turkish border guards with howitzers and bombed ten times by fighter jets. Four airstrikes were carried out on Werxelê in Avaşîn. The areas of Girê Şekîf and Geliyê Lolan in Xakurke were attacked by Turkish border guards with howitzers and mortar shells.