Drinking water project launched in Kobane

Kobane Canton Municipalities Committee and Water Directorate will launch a project for supplying drinking water to the city.

Kobane Canton Municipalities Committee announced that a project for supplying drinking water to the city will be launched for people facing hard conditions due to the Turkish state cutting water of Euphrates River. The project is reported to be located in Şiyux town near Euphrates River.

Speaking about the project, Hecî Ehmed, co-chair of Kobane Canton Municipalities Committee, said, “The first step of the project was taken on May 18th. In the upcoming days, we will accelerate the works in order to carry out the project properly. The project is expected to be completed in September.”  

Informing that they installed electricity lines in Sirin and Syux towns to supply water 24 hours nonstop, Heci stated that the water pumps will smoothly attain power current.

He reported that four water pumps were changed and the wells on the zero line of Euphrates River will be found and functioned to draw water. Ehmed also announced that 40 villages will benefit from this project in the first stage.

Pointing out that the Water Directorate is supplying water for 34 villages in the west of Kobane, Municipalities Committee Co-chair Ehmed noted that the directorate has faced serious problems after outage of Euphrates water by the Turkish state.

Due to low flow rate of Euphrates River, 83 villages in the west of Kobane cannot get water.

The occupant Turkish state has been lowering the water of Euphrates River since January 27.