Destruction and fire in the Cudi, Metina and Heftanin regions

Massive destruction operations are taking place in the regions of Cudi, Metina and Heftanin to expand the military infrastructure. The unique natural environment is being permanently destroyed for the purposes of warfare.

People and nature are suffering under the war in Kurdistan. The Turkish state burns down forests or destroys large areas for profit and its military machinery. In northern Kurdistan, the forests bordering Mount Cudi and the Besta region, which connects the Kurdish provinces of Şırnak and Siirt, are affected.

Ten new military fortresses on Mount Cudi

Tens of thousands of trees have been cut on Mount Cudi. More than ten new military fortresses have been built in parallel with the land clearing, which extends from the slopes of Mount Cudi to the Safine hill. Forests that have not been cleared are being destroyed by set fires. Tens of thousands of wild animals and trees have been destroyed in this way.

Village guards deployed for destruction work in Besta

In the Besta region, paramilitaries, so-called village guards, from the Şenoba town are deployed to carry out the clearing works. In the Çala Nimêja area, such clearing works have been taking place for 15 days. Thousands of trees have been cut down and taken away by trucks. Local sources say that about 200 tons of wood are taken away from area every day. The actual amount is estimated to be much higher. New military fortifications are also being built here at the same time.

Meanwhile, a forest fire set by the Turkish military on Monday is destroying more areas in Besta region of Şırnak. The fire broke out in Girêgivara, Besta Hincê, Germav and Kanîfeşkê and reached Girê Helisyê, Girê Simgê and Av Tehlê areas on Tuesday. Any firefighting efforts are being prevented by the military.

Theft in Metina and Heftanin

Some time ago, trucks loaded with trees were observed returning to Turkish territory from the occupied areas in Metina and Heftanin. It has since become known that the South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP agreed to this theft and sold large areas of land to the Turkish state. The trees were put on the market by various Turkish companies. After massive protests, the clearing here seems to have been stopped, at least temporarily.