Children of Fire set fire to several targets across Turkey

The 'Children of Fire Initiative' continues its actions throughout Turkey.

The 'Children of Fire Initiative' announced that they set fire to four factories a supermarket, a gallery, a shop and four vehicles in Turkey.

The Initiative released a statement and announced the details of their latest actions.

According to the statement, the initiative set fire to;

-CarrefourSA supermarket belonging to “occupiers” in Antalya on June 9th,

-A recycling factory belonging to “AKP members” in Yıldırım district of Bursa on June 8th,

-A factory named Yentur belonging to “AKP members” in Organised Industrial Area in Antep on June 8th,

-A gallery and 3 automobiles belonging to “a MHP member” in Batalhöyük in Antep; Bosal Mimaysal metalworking factory belonging to “AKP members” in Gebze district of Kocaeli; a recycling facility belonging to “AKP members” in Mudanya district of Bursa and an automobile in Çiğli-Izmir on June 7th.