Campaign '1 Tree 4 Shengal' kicks off

The campaign "Ein Baum für Sinjar - 1 tree 4 Sinjar (Shengal)" kicks off: it aims to plant trees in Shengal.

At the end of October, Women for Justice e. V. together with Aktion Hoffnungsungsschimmer e. V. and the Sinjar Local Self-Government Reconstruction Committee launched the campaign "Ein Baum für Sinjar - 1 tree 4 Sinjar (Shengal)".

The Yazidis in general - and especially the Yazidis from the Sinjar (Shengal) region - are known for remaining true to their original lifestyle with traditional customs and traditions.

Their country is their identity and the evidence of their existence. It is also the only source of their economic life and survival. Every year the Yazidis earn income from their orchards and vegetable plantations, where they grow tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, pomegranates and wine, but also wheat and barley.

They have excellent experience in agriculture, gained and passed on over generations, and the love of the Yazidis for their land and its cultivation is evident in many places. The soil in Shengal is very fertile and therefore suitable for the cultivation of many plants.

From August 2014 the Islamic State occupied Shengal and committed genocide and feminicide against the Yazidi (Ezidi) population by killing and kidnapping thousands of people.

The statement of the promoters of the campaign reminds that "over 400,000 Yazidis were displaced and are still homeless today. Agricultural land and plantations were extensively burned by ISIS, drinking water wells were destroyed. Since then survivors have been fighting for justice. Many of them understand this to include the reconstruction of their home region. Decades of destruction of nature and the effects of the raid have devastated large areas of Shengal. Originally there was a beautiful nature in Shengal."

For the Yazidis, who have been gradually returning to their homeland since 2016 and increasingly since spring 2020, the agricultural livelihood must be restored, as it would not only provide food but also create jobs. The resources that have been lying fallow up to now can make the lives of many (large) families in this region possible. A healthy, natural environment is also, and in particular, of enormous importance for the recovery and healing of traumatised people.

The promoters of the project added: "Yazidi women are explicitly involved in this project by receiving a small forestry training course in which they are taught how to select, plant and care for the trees. Based on this, they will manage fruit tree plantations independently and cooperatively in the long term. This will secure the basis for their economic independence and strengthen the role of women in the community in general.

In addition, one area of the plantations will be used as a "women's garden". A protected retreat in nature will be created to help them to alleviate and overcome the traumas they have suffered."

This project aims to realize the planting of trees: trees on the mountain slopes to reduce or prevent erosion damage; trees for fruit plantations; trees for parks and gardens to create recreation areas for the mostly highly traumatised people; planting trees in avenues, especially along the main roads, to improve the micro and macro climate.

The plantations can become a source of income for many families.

The plantations are essential to the visible revitalisation of the Sinjar region, creating large green zones in the desert and barren areas, improving the air and soil quality through the trees and beautifying the towns and villages."

The promoters ended their statement underlining that "it should not be forgotten that it has now been scientifically proven that trees have an intensive, positive influence on people's physical and mental health. This is also a factor not to be underestimated in view of a traumatised population."

The promoters invite to donate "20€ / 20$ to the campaign 1 tree 4 Sinjar"

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