Nûbihar magazine share video with 89 children' messages to mark Kurdish Language Day

Nûbihar magazine published a video containing the messages of 89 children to mark 15 May, Kurdish Language Day.

In order to draw attention to the Kurdish Language Day, which is celebrated on 15 May, Nûbihar magazine collected the messages of Kurdish from 89 children from all over the region and the world and shared video on social media.

The Kurmanji, Dimilkî, Sorani and Gorani dialects of Kurdish were included in the video, in which children say different sentences. The children say: "I exist with my language, Play in Kurdish, My language is beautiful, Reading in Kurdish is beautiful, Our language is nice, We love Kurdish, Our language is our existence, Children read Kurdish, There is no life without language, Language is culture, Happy Kurdish Language Day, Today is May 15th Kurdish Language Day”.

Nûbihar magazine said that such a video was carried out in order to draw attention to the importance of Kurdish people speaking Kurdish to their children, and emphasized that children play a leading role in the future of language.