Erdogan's bodyguard attacks woman protesting in Berlin

Turkish president Erdogan's bodyguards attacked a woman activist engaged in civil disobedience during protests organised in Berlin, where the president attended the Libya conference.

Berlin hosted an international summit on Libya to try and find solution to the internal conflict in the African country. Germany led the conference joined by leaders from the USA, Russia, China, Turkey, England, France, Egypt.

One of the names invited by Prime Minister Angela Merkel for the conference was Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan was met by a mass protest on his arrival in Berlin. It has been revealed that a female activist engaged in a civil disobedience action when the Turkish President's convoy passed near the Prime Ministry building, was attacked.

In the footage shot by ZDF reporter Andreas Kynast, it is seen that a Turkish bodyguard got off from Erdogan's convoy and went among pedestrians where he attacked the female activist. It was learned that the woman, who was harassed by Erdogan's bodyguard and whose name was not disclosed, was detained by the German police for a while.

It was stated that German security units were driving away from the scene to protect the woman attacked by the Turkish bodyguards. Some of the supporters of the Erdogan regime living in Germany filed a criminal complaint against the woman activist yesterday, saying "she insulted our President".