British YBŞ fighter sends a message on Manchester attack

British YBŞ volunteer Rubar Aziz who is fighting ISIS in the ranks of YBŞ in Shengal sent a message on the Manchester bombing that killed 22 and wounded dozens of others earlier this week.

YBŞ (Shengal Resistance Units) volunteer Rubar Aziz spoke to ANF and called for support for Shengal forces that are fighting the ISIS without any help from global forces.


Rubar Aziz (Steve Kerr) who is in Shengal since 2015 said the following:

“My name is Rubar Aziz. I am here in Shengal, or Sinjar, with YBŞ. The people of Shengal would like to send their deepest condolences to the families and victims of the Manchester bombing. We here are on the frontline. DAESH is approximately two kilometers away from us. Things are not so good here. We don't get coalition help. We desperately need medical supplies and medics. We have one doctor between two thousand five hundred soldiers. The trouble here is very difficult. There is no western volunteer. There are only four of us. Two Spainards; one is a doctor, the other is ex-soldier. He is approximately 2-3 km away from us. So, it is just myself and a French man here, in this point. We need western volunteers to come and help us. Medics, drivers, mortar men. All, anybody that can come an help would be helpful, really. We need as many people as we can get here. There are problems with Turkey who have airstroken this place quite a few times. The coalition aircraft fly over here, so the Turkish aircraft. We cant shoot at them because we dont know who we're shooting at. DAESH is approximately two km away. They have sent suicide bombers against us but YBŞ keeps them away. Two days ago, we had suicide bomber, one of the YBŞ fighters was injured, thankfully is not dead. So, we need all the help we can get.”