Fascists in Kulu remove flags from DEM Party election office

The party flags hanging on DEM Party's Kulu election office were removed by fascists.

The flags hanging on the election office of the Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) in Kulu district of Konya were removed by two fascists. In the footage recorded on CCTV cameras, two people with their faces covered came in front of the election office and removed the flags at 00:10 at night.

The DEM Party Kulu District Organization made the following statement:

"We initiated the complaint process about the removal of our flags by unidentified persons last night. Then we put our flags back up. We condemn the attack by a minority in Kulu and, of course, we do not attribute this to the people of Kulu. The DEM Party will grow with Kulu, and Kulu will grow with the DEM Party. We call on all our people to embrace our party and our candidates until March 31st. We will succeed together."