The civilian residential areas bombed by the Turkish state

An ANF unit has reached the areas in Afrin’s Jindires district, where bombings continue with the aid of scout planes, and documented the state inflicted destruction.

The invading Turkish army and their ISIS-Al Qaeda gangs launched an intense mortar attack against the Jindirese district in Afrin. The attack continued for hours and the area was hit by over a hundred Howitzer and mortar shells. The area was also continuously bombed by fighter jets.

In these attacks accompanied by scout planes, civilian residences and buildings were targeted. An ANF unit reached the bombed areas and documented the Turkish state inflicted destruction.

In the footage the civilian residences targeted by the Turkish state are seen completely destroyed and shops and cars are seen to be rendered completely unusable.

The bombing took place around the same time as the month-long ceasefire announced by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to ensure the arrival of “humanitarian aid” to all areas in Syria including Afrin was just going into effect, and is showcasing once again that Turkey is violating international agreements and committing a crime.