PYD executives: The people are no longer afraid of the AKP regime

PYD Western Region members Eli Omar and Faris Hallo, talked to ANF about the seizure by the AKP regime of the HDP-run municipalities of Amed, Van and Mardin.

Faris Hallo, PYD Western Region Member, recalled that the Erdoğan government had previously seized municipalities and said: "We peoples are no longer afraid. We will not kneel to Erdoğan in Bakur or North-East Syria.”

Eli Omar

The Turkish state suffers from a kind of anti-Kurdish disease. Whenever the Kurdish people achieved something, the Turkish state attacks.

An election was held in Bakur and the Kurdish people showed their will. If a people choose someone freely, the world is revered because they are democratically elected. When Erdoğan could not do what he wanted in North-East Syria, he then turned its hatred to the municipalities in Bakur Kurdistan, taking unlawful actions against the mayors and deputies elected by the Kurdish people.

International powers and institutions should now put a limit to the Erdoğan government. 

Erdoğan is disturbed because the YPG-YPJ has actually beaten ISIS. The Turkish state is even persecuting our elderly mothers and does not spare the use of pepper gas, water cannons and batons in Bakur. Erdoğan does not have the right to dismiss the politicians chosen by the people. 

Faris Hallo 

When a people stands up and says I exist, I will exist and I will achieve my aim, no power can stop it. Erdoğan has attacked our municipalities. Municipalities are places where societies share their own will and work. 

Today, our mothers are resisting against Erdoğan and his fascist system.

The people knows the truth. Leader Apo said: "You can live if you know the truth." We peoples are no longer afraid. We will not bend to Erdoğan in Bakur or North-East Syria.