Nûda Tolhildan: Don't let yourselves be instrumentalized!

Guerrilla fighter Nûda Tolhildan overheard on the radio that her mother is being instrumentalized by the Turkish state. She appeals to all parents not to let themselves be used and to be proud of their fighting children.

Guerrilla fighter Nûda Tolhildan (Ceylan Tekin) appeals to her parents, who are gathering with other families in front of the HDP headquarters in Amed (Diyarbakir) at the behest of the Turkish state. The fighter of the women's guerrilla troop YJA-Star points out that the action is a staging of the Turkish state in the framework of the special war.

The YJA-STAR guerrilla told the following:

"The relatives are deceived and brought in front of the building. This is happening under the control of the enemy. On the radio, I happened to hear my own mother's voice speaking to me in the language of the enemy.

My first reaction was anger. That was my first reflex when I heard her bring out in a tearful voice what the enemy had drilled into her. After thinking about the reality of the enemy and the patriotic consciousness that existed in our family, I understood that my parents had been deceived. For this reason, I would like to address this message especially to my mother, but also to all the other instrumentalized families there: Your children came here of their own free will. The PKK is a liberation movement. No one is forced to join and live in the PKK.

Those who do not live up to this life cannot stay anyway. Parents should know this: If their children fight in the PKK, it means that they have a strong will. It means that they are connected to Rebêr Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] and the martyrs. They are attached to their own people and determined to fight for a great goal. Families must be aware of this. Their children show an honorable attitude. Families should be proud that their children join the movement of their own free will and fight for years. For them to let the state use them is not fitting for them."

"I fight because I love my mother"

Nûda Tolhildan wants her mother to be proud of her daughter, who is fighting in the guerrilla ranks for the freedom of her people, her family and all women. She says this is true for all parents: "To go to the mountains, to live and fight here, to be involved with the philosophy of Rebêr Apo and to be connected to the martyrs is a completely different way of life. It is a life outside the dirty and reactionary system. It is an alternative way of life with which something new is created. In my opinion, all families should think about it this way."

"The state has been unsuccessful"

The Turkish state is trying to instrumentalize the relatives because it is not succeeding in the war against the guerrillas, Nûda explains: "The restructuring of the guerrillas and the tactical changes play a big role in our fight against the Turkish state. The state is waging war against us every day. The PKK has been fighting for over forty years, but a genocide has been taking place in Kurdistan for over ninety years. After decades of annihilation and denial, the PKK manages to inflict heavy losses on NATO's second largest army.

This triggers great anger and aggression from the enemy. Because of its defeats, it now tries the families. What it fails to do to the guerrillas, it tries to do to the families in retaliation. The families must see this reality. They must be aware that the state is taking revenge on the guerrillas through them. Those who follow Rebêr Apo do not live without goals. As his militants, we always pursue great goals.

I appeal again to my mother and the other parents: You must become aware and see the true face of the enemy. Do not fall for its dirty tricks. The state wants to take revenge on us. Its policy is to use Kurds against Kurds. Do not get involved in this. Take a patriotic stance towards the PKK and the liberation struggle that is fair to your children in the guerrillas."

"I joined the PKK of my own free will"

Regarding her decision to join the PKK, Nûda Tolhildan tells, "My participation in the guerrilla was done of my own free will and as a conscious decision. I could not live within this system. It was not acceptable to me. There are many young people with us who have studied. They were lawyers or had other professions, but if they say just one word about the Kurdish question and demand their rights, they are immediately threatened with prison. I was aware of that. We have the alternative of responding to the enemy with the weapon of freedom in the language they understand. That led me to the decision to join the guerrilla."

It is not too late for parents who allow themselves to be instrumentalized by the state to recognize their mistake and correct it, Nûda adds: "Everyone can make mistakes. The state exploits the respective weaknesses of families to use them. It is important to realize this and change one's attitude at a certain point. Those who love their children should support their struggle. No one should forget that what we are doing here is out of love for our families and our people."