ISIS standards in Afrin

The occupied Afrin has established similar standards to those that used to be under the rule of the Islamic State in Raqqa.

The canton of Afrin, which is occupied by the Turkish military and FSA groups, is subject to similar rules as those introduced by the ISIS in its former "capital" Raqqa. According to local sources, women in Afrin are now prohibited from leaving the house without black veiling and male escorts.

Over 300 civilians killed

The Turkish army and its FSA mercenaries killed more than 300 people from the civilian population, including 56 women and 46 minors, starting from January 20, under the cynical name Operation Olive Branch. The population of the northern Syrian canton resisted the second largest NATO army and the militia it recruited for 58 days. When the occupation forces were just outside the town of Afrin, on March 18, the bulk of the population was evacuated to the neighboring canton Shehba.

Afrin factually annexed

After the occupation of the city center of Afrin, an "Afrin Council" was founded in Antep on 19 March, the coordination of which is managed by the Governor of Hatay. Thus Afrin has been effectively annexed by Turkey. For Afrin a separate governor from Ankara is to be appointed.

Kidnappings and rape

The actions of the occupying power in Afrin and the villages in the region put the remaining population under extreme pressure. Particularly affected by the regime, which complies with the standards established by the ISIS, are the women. Abductions and sexualised violence are commonplace. What has become of the women abducted by militia is not known. There are also real abductions with ransom demands instead.

Villages are Arabized

According to the Democratic Council of Syria (MSD), approximately 4,000 families of FSA militia have been settled in the city and villages. The village of Kafr Jina in Shera district has been completely Arabized. At least 300 families have settled in the village of Kafr Safra alone.

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