Call from Afrin: "Why is the whole world silent?"

As the bombing of the Turkish Air Force continues on Afrin, people in the besieged city wonder why the world is still silent on the threat of genocide.

For 52 days the Turkish military invasion continues in Afrin. Despite the UN resolution to the contrary, the Turkish state continues to attack with fighter jets and heavy weapons. In order to complete the siege of the city, uninterrupted air raids are carried out.

Since the beginning of the Turkish military operation, the civilian population is directly attacked to trigger an escape movement. The population density in the city of Afrin has risen sharply with the people who had to flee from the villages and districts. The self-governing municipalities of the city take care of the newcomers. There is an effort to organize accommodation for all people. Two to three families now live in almost all apartments. Many have been forced into construction sites or shops.

After the Turkish state has attacked the only water source in Afrin with the dam in Meydankê, there have been problems with the water supply in the city. Meanwhile, the need for water is ensured through old wells that have been put back into service. As the only access road to Afrin, the road to Aleppo, is constantly being bombed by the Turkish Air Force, so no more goods arrive in the city.

The people who have fled to the city and are threatened with genocide despite the UN resolution on a ceasefire have spoken to ANF about their experiences.

Hemîde Ana fled with her family from the village of Qermîtlix and now lives with another family in an empty shop in Afrin. They could not take anything with them when they fled, she says, complaining about the inactivity of the global public in the face of Turkish war crimes. "Why is the whole world silent? We live with two families in this shop. We are four, the other six. Our house has been razed to the ground. Does the world have nothing to say about this cruelty? "

Mihemed Resûl had to flee Jindires. He wants nothing more than that the war ends and he can return to his house with his family. "The Turkish state attacks all of us and kills Kurds. We all have to stick together and defend ourselves against it. Our house has been destroyed, all our property has been plundered. There are still bodies under the building debris," he says.

As the reconnaissance drones and fighter jets circle above us in the sky, Zelîxa Ana says into the camera, "We lived peacefully on our own land. What kind of a plague is Erdoğan? He has destroyed so many things, how can he live with them in his conscience? May God damn him."

Hozan Eymen is from the village of Çeqela in the district of Shiyê. He tells how the Turkish Air Force destroyed his house and his village: "The Turkish state is attacking everyone, civilians, children, the elderly. The world does not notice us. The United Nations and human rights organizations are silent on this. How long should this silence last? "

Fatme Îsmaîl, who had to flee from the village of Dimiliya in the district of Mabeta, is on the street with her children. She says, "We have lost our house and our land. There is nothing left. We have no roof over our heads, no water, no bread. Isn’t that disgraceful? You people in this world, why don’t you say anything?"