People in Kobanê: Erdoğan wants to destroy the coexistence

Despite threats from the Turkish state, the people of the Şêxler region continue their daily lives in the northern Syrian canton of Kobanê. We talked to people from the Arab and Kurdish population.

Turkish President Erdoğan has tightened his threats against "the terrorist Kurds" in northern and eastern Syria in recent days. The co-ordinated Turkish media spread reports from the region that the local people are in fear and rush.

One of the areas that the Turkish state wants to occupy is Şêxler on the west bank of the Euphrates near Kobanê. The Turkish state wants to occupy Manbij before moving on to southern Qereqozax. Despite these threats, everyday life in Şêxler continues.

Erdoğan has repeatedly spoken of expulsions of the Arab population. But the Arab and Kurdish people continue to live together peacefully in the region. The ISIS also failed in its intention to conjure up a Kurdish-Arab war in the region. Erdoğan also tries to drive a wedge between the population.

ANF ​​spoke with residents of the area and kept hearing reports of "fraternal coexistence in the region".

For example, people said that since the YPG and YPJ liberated the region in 2015, no one has been forced to flee. The ISIS members alone fled to Jarablus and entered the service of the Turkish state.

"We have lived together peacefully here for three years in peace, Erdoğan wants to disturb this peace and brotherhood," says Mustafa Nazim, an Arab resident of Şêxler. He continues: "Only a few criminals have fled here. They used to work for ISIS and now they work for Erdoğan. "

Arab citizen Osman Hemdo stressed that he will never leave this land, where people have lived a peaceful and fraternal life together for years.

Kurdish citizen Hebeş Remo pointed out that “As ISIS is nearing the end in Hajin, Erdoğan wants to build up pressure here to save them from annihilation.

"Sure, he behaves anti-Kurdish, but what he really wants is to expand his occupation in Syria. We will never give up our lands.”

Mihemed Hemo, a Kurdish citizen, believes that Erdoğan wants to sow enmity in the region and thus secure his interests: "He wants to play the Ottoman game. But in the end that will mean blood and tears for everyone."