Occupation forces demolished the Sheikh Hemid Tomb in Afrin

The occupation forces in Afrin have demolished the Sheikh Hemid Tomb, sacred for Yazidi community, in a village of Afrin.

The Turkish invasion army and allied gangs continue their genocidal attacks in Afrin where several areas on World Heritage List have already been demolished and destroyed.

The occupation forces have demolished the Sheikh Hemid Tomb in the village of Qestel Cindo in Afrin’s Shera district. The tomb was a sacred site for the Yazidi community.

The Sheikh Berekat tomb in Ayn Dara, the Qere Cirne Tomb in Meydanke village and the Sheikh Adî Tomb in Qibar village, sacred sites for Yazidis, are among the historical structures destroyed during and after the occupation attacks of the Turkish state against Afrin.