Demos against Turkey in Hesekê, Amûdê and Dirbêsiyê

People in Hesekê, Amûdê and Dirbêsiyê protested the occupation of Afrin at the anniversary of the invasion.

On 20 January 2018 Turkish warplanes began bombing the region of Afrin, until then the safest area in war-torn Syria.

The people resisted the attacks for 58 days. After the bombing came the land invasion led by Turkey and involving its mercenary allies.


People came together on the Sînalko boulevard in Hesekê and marched towards Kelasê neighborhood with banners and flags.

After the march, a rally was held at the Syriac Martyrs Boulevard in Kelasê neighborhood.

Hisên Ezam, co-deputy president of the Autonomous Administration of the Cizre Region, said: “The attacks against Afrin were carried out as a result of an international conspiracy. The people of Afrin bravely resisted the attacks. Afrin will be liberated by the will of the peoples.”

Shêrîn Oso, Kongreya Star member, said that the Turkish state wanted to break the will of the people by attacking Afrin, but failed.

Speaking on behalf of the Arab tribes, Fewaz al-Zobi stated that they supported the people of Afrin as tribes.

At the end of the rally, a press statement was made by Mîrav Başo, a member of the Young Women's Association.

Leyla Guven's resistance was saluted in the statement, the attacks of the Turkish state condemned while young women pledged to respond to all attacks.


The march in Amûdê started in front of the building of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement and ended in Free Women's Square.

The people carried olive branches and chanted slogans greeting the Epochal Resistance.

After a minute’s silence in memory of the martyrs of the resistance in the Free Women's Square, Xalid Ibrahim, the leader of Qamishlo Canton Council addressed the crowd.

“Afrin was occupied by Turkey and its mercenary allies. - said Ibrahim - This occupation was the result of international silence and conspiracy. Anyone who is silent against the invasion of Afghanistan is a partner in the massacres and crimes in Afrin.”

Ibrahim commended the resistance of HDP Hakkari deputy Leyla Guven who has been on hunger strike for 74 days and all hunger strikers and saluted the Epochal Resistance.

In her speech, Silîvan Elî, Kongreya Star executive, condemned the Turkish State invasion of Afrin and said that the people of Afrin showed the strength of their resistance for 58 days.

For Revolutionary Youth Movement, Diyar Derwîş said that they would step up the struggle against occupation.


In Dirbêsiyê people took to the streets in the first anniversary of the genocidal attacks against Afrin and said No to the occupation carried out by the Turkish State.

Misewec Hac Mensur addressed the crowd on behalf of Dirbêsiyê Provincial Council.

“The Epochal Resistance - said Hac Mensur - is a historical resistance. On 20 January 2018, the invading Turkish state and their mercenary allies attacked Afrin displaying all their heavy weapons. The people resisted for 58 days.”

Hac Mensur also underlined how the people of Afrin are continuing their resistance in Shebha despite all adversities.

Speaking on behalf of the Autonomous Administration, Semer Begdaş, said that the Turkish state and its mercenary allies attacked the safest area where thousands of refugees from different parts of Syria had found shelter.

Now, a year after the invasion of Afrin, said the administrator, Turkey is once again threatening Northern and Eastern Syria.