Autonomous Administration calls for resistance for Afrin

Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration called for resistance against the invaders on the first anniversary of the Turkish state’s invasion attacks against Afrin.

The occupation attacks against Afrin started on January 20, and Afrin city center was invaded on March 18.

The Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration Council stated that the people of Afrin have been targeted as a whole and added that Afrin has been turned into a “center of terrorism” with the Turkish occupation.

The Autonomous Administration mentioned the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Afrin and pointed to the forced migration, demographic change and Turkification policies.

The Autonomous Administration also said the people’s property has been robbed and looted and that the Turkish state cut down olive trees.

The Autonomous Administration called to increase the resistance against the Turkish state’s invasion attacks and threats. 

The statement stressed that all constituents, clans and NGOs in Northern and Eastern Syria should unite against the Turkish state invasion.

The Autonomous Administration Council called for participation to the demonstrations and marches to be held in provinces and districts of Northern and Eastern Syria on January 20.