Turkish National Security Council discusses new invasion plan

The National Security Council (NSC) of Turkey held the last meeting of the year and discussed the invasion of Southern Kurdistan and Shengal following the invasion of some areas in Rojava.

The National Security Council (NSC) of Turkey held the last meeting of the year yesterday. The invasion plans for Southern Kurdistan’s Shengal region were discussed along with the invasion of Rojava and Syrian territory under the name “Euphrates Shield”. The meeting lasted for 6 hours, and the declaration was issued two hours later. This is the first time the invasion plan has been openly mentioned in the NSC declaration.

The NSC declaration states: “It is strongly emphasized that PKK-PYD-YPG and other terrorist organizations’ structures will absolutely never be tolerated in the north of Syria and Iraq’s Shengal region. Any means necessary will be utilized to this end. It is stated that Turkey is prepared to cooperate with the countries of the region and other countries that have influence in the region regarding this matter.”


Turkish Armed Forces is stated to be preparing for an invasion in Southern Kurdistan, and the NSC declaration includes that the military operations in Southern Kurdistan will continue. The declaration states: “It is underlined that Turkey has a right to legitimate self-defense against terrorist organizations PKK and DEASH that have grounds in Iraq. It is stated that Turkey will continue aiding the Iraqi central government’s efforts against the terrorist organizations in their country, and it is emphasized that our country will defend the territorial integrity, sovereignty, stability and security of Iraq under all circumstances.

The NSC also announced that the invasion maneuver in Rojava and Syrian territory carried out under the name Euphrates Shield will continue and stated: “It is emphasized that the aim of terrorist elements PKK/PYD-YPG to open a terror corridor will not be allowed, for the safety and security of the Syrian people and our citizens in the region, on the basis of Syrian territorial integrity.”

The NSC announced that the military and political operations will also continue domestically.