Thousands marched for Rojava in many European cities

The Turkish state's invasion and genocide attacks on North-East Syria have been protested by thousands of people in many European cities.

Every day dozens of actions are being held around Europe to protest the Turkish invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria


A protest against Turkey's attempt to occupy Northern and Western Syria was organised in Saarbrucken, Germany.

Hundreds of Kurds and their friends gathered in front of the Europa Gallery and marched to the center of Saarbrücken. Speakers from Saarland Kurdish Community Center said that the attack on Rojava was an attack against all Kurdistan and the need for national unity was underlined.


The massacres of the Turkish state and its mercenaries in Rojava were also protested in Kiel, Germany.

Kiel Alevi Community, Kurdistan Solidarität, Anti-Fascists, Die Linke, AGIF, Kurdische Gemeinde, Bakur, Başur, Rojhilat and Rojava parties joined the action.

Nicole, speaking on behalf of Die Linke (Left Party), pointed out that the attacks in Rojava were carried out with European weapons.


In Innsbruck, the capital of the Tyrolean state of Austria, the Turkish state was condemned for its attempt to invade Rojava. A march was organised in front of the Innsbruck parliament. Azam Amed, speaking on behalf of Innsbruk Democratic Union, condemned Europe insincerity against the occupation and the United States double standard discourse.


Thousands of Kurds and Norwegians fmarched in Trondheim, Norwaye, protesting the Turkish state's invasion of North East Syria.