Rojava University signs 5-year agreement with Washington University

Rojava University has signed a 5-year agreement with Washington State University.

Rojava University signed an agreement with Washington State University to advance in science, culture and health.

Indicating that the agreement was signed through the Kurdistan Organization (KAID) established in Washington, Rojava University Foreign Relations Office Officer Gulistan Sîdo said: "This organization wants to help institutions in four parts of Kurdistan, especially in Rojava."

Gulistan Sîdo said that the negotiations before the agreement were carried out by three parties and added: "Meetings were held between the Kurdistan Organization (KAID), Rojava University Health Faculty Administration and Washington State University Faculty of Fine Arts.”

Stating that Washington State University is one of the oldest universities in the USA, Gulistan Sîdo added: “We signed the agreement online with an official meeting between the three parties on 24 January 2021. The agreement was signed within the scope of the advancement of education and science. At the same time, an agreement has been reached for master and doctorate programs.”

Gulistan Sîdo said that the parties will also organize workshops together, and that special projects will be financed by Washington State University.

The agreement has been signed for 5 years and can be renewed.
Indicating that a student exchange program will also be implemented between universities, Gulistan Sîdo said: “Universities will cooperate in preparing special programs. Washington State University has many international programs and 30% of the students comes from a foreign quota. We have prepared a draft program that includes the preservation of the folklore, culture and history of Rojava Kurdistan to be presented to Washington State University. If the program is approved, the working groups will work together. Later, this work will be published in print.”

Gulistan Sîdo said that the students will publish a joint magazine together and that the project will also be financially supported by the US Department of State.

She added that with this agreement, the way for the University of Rojava to be officially recognized worldwide, has been opened. "This project will also recognize the official diplomas of university students and provide services in the future. Washington State University has a positive approach to our university.”

Since the establishment of Rojava University, many universities around the world have signed agreements, EmdenLeer University in Germany, Parma University in Italy, University of California and Sulaymaniyah Kurdistan Culture Preservation Center.