Protests in Frankfurt and Zurich against Turkish war in Kurdistan

Demonstrations against the Turkish occupation attacks on Kurdistan and the collaboration of the Barzanî clan have taken place in Frankfurt and Zurich.

Demonstrations against the Turkish state's occupation attacks in Kurdistan took place in Frankfurt am Main and Zurich on Saturday. Already last weekend, Kurdish associations had protested in dozens of cities in Europe against the invasion of the Turkish army in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). In Germany, the umbrella organization KON-MED organized a protest under the slogan "Against Erdogan's war of aggression!". Against the Barzanî clan's entry into the war! Peace in Kurdistan!".

The background to the protests is Turkey's increasing mobilization of troops for a war of aggression on Iraqi territory. The Erdogan government is using the presence of the guerrillas as a pretext. The KDP party, dominated by the Barzanî clan, wants to participate directly in the operation with ground troops. On Friday, the prime minister of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), Masrour Barzanî, was received in Istanbul by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The pictures of the meeting show an aged dictator with his humble vassal and sparked outrage among the Kurdish public.

Politicians, intellectuals and artists as well as a large part of the population in the quadripartite Kurdistan oppose this war and demand a peaceful solution.

The demonstration in Frankfurt started at 2 p.m. at the main train station and was directed against the Turkish occupation of Kurdistan and the aid provided by the KDP. The collaboration of the Barzanî clan with the Turkish oppressors was symbolically depicted on banners. The slogan "Murderer Erdogan!" was repeatedly shouted at the demonstration.

On the call of the Democratic Kurdish Community of Switzerland (CDK-S) and the women's association YJK-S, hundreds of people from various political contexts took to the streets in Zurich. The slogan was "Down with treason", in Kurdish "Bimre Îxanet". Speeches called for the unity of Kurds. At the beginning of the demonstration, a minute of silence was observed for the martyrs of the Kurdish liberation struggle.

Ali Şimşek stated in a speech on behalf of the CDK-S that only the unity of the Kurdish people can stop the occupation of Kurdistan. "The Turkish state has wanted to occupy the Medya Defense Zones for a long time. The resistance of the guerrillas means defeat for him. Now the invasion is to be continued with the KDP troops. Turkey wants to occupy and exploit our country with the support of the KDP. The Turkish attacks are not arbitrary, but follow a concept against all parts of Kurdistan. All Kurds must fight against this united."