Mayor of Geneva: “Kurds and Kurdistan must be free”

Speaking in a Kurdish Cultural Night organization, Geneva Mayor Rémy Pagani condemned the anti-democratic practices of the Turkish state and said, “Kurdistan and Kurds must be free”.

Kurds and allies in and around Switzerland’s Geneva Canton came together in a Geneva Kurdish Cultural Night. The Geneva Democratic Kurdish Social Center and Geneva Kurdish Human Rights Center organized the event held in the Avanchets Hall and Geneva Mayor Rémy Pagani, HDP Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız, Sur Co-mayor Fatma Şık and a crowd of Kurdistani and Swiss people participated in the event.

Posters of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and PKK flags were hanged around the hall and the event started with a minute’s silence in memory of those who lost their lives in the fight for the revolution. Speeches in the event emphasized the continued resistance in four parts of Kurdistan.


Salih Sağlam from the Geneva Kurdish Social Center spoke first in the event and stated that the Kurdish people need unity more than ever before, and added that Kurdistanis in Europe should increase their support for the struggle in Kurdistan even more.


Geneva Mayor Rémy Pagani spoke after Sağlam and stated his delight in participating in the Kurds’ night and supporting them. Pagani said the Kurdish people have the right to determine their own fate and that this right should be supported. He added: “Kurds and Kurdistan must be free.”

Pagani said it is important for Kurds in Geneva to support the ongoing struggle in their country and stated that as the mayor of Geneva city, he will always stand with the rightful and legitimate struggle of the Kurdish people.

Pagani also criticized the fascistic practices of the Turkish state against the HDP and said: “Geneva is the center of human rights. With this stance, we will stand with you, you can trust in us.”


HDP Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız spoke after Pagani and stressed the importance of the ongoing struggle in four parts of Kurdistan. Sarıyıldız stated that the Kurdish people will continue to fight for their freedom anywhere they are. He also spoke about the fascistic practices of the AKP and the MHP and said no force can keep the Kurds away from the struggle for freedom.

After the speeches, the event continued late into the night with music by Hozan Aydın, Seyda Perinçek, Mehmet Turna and Baxtiyar and dancing.