Kurds march for Ocalan in Greece

Kurds living in Greece are marching for the freedom of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The February 15 international plot against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan is protested also in Greece where Kurdistanis have started a three-day march from Lavrio to Athens with 80 participants.

The demonstrators are chanting “No Life Without the Leader”, “Long Live Afrin’s resistance” and “Long Live Leader Apo”, and holding images of Ocalan, flags of PKK, KCK, YPG, YPJ and PYD.

A statement on behalf of the participants of the march said the following;

“Mr. Ocalan was handed over to the Turkish state as result of an international plot in 1999. Instead of dying away in the deep loneliness of Imralı Island, Mr. Ocalan made great breakthroughs in the Kurdish question, the Middle East, economy, philosophy and many other issues, and became the bright horizon of oppressed peoples of the world.

Mr. Ocalan presented countless opportunities for the achievement of peace and brotherhood to the Turkish state that imposes a deadlock on the Kurdish issue for years. However, Erdogan’s dictatorial ruling abused Mr. Ocalan’s proposals for a resolution and peace talks, and led both sides into a renewed conflict by pursuing provocative policies with the ultimate goal of maintaining his own dirty ruling. The Afrin attack is a concrete example of this.

The world public opinion and international institutions must say stop to the Turkish state’s invasion of Afrin and work for the freedom of Mr. Ocalan so that the invasion attempt does not spread to the Middle East and turn into a Third World War.

Mr. Ocalan’s freedom is the sole alternative needed for an honorable peace in Kurdistan, Turkey and the Middle East. Our Leader is our reason for war and peace.”