Kurds in Russia condemn Öcalan's isolation and attacks on Efrîn

People of Kurdistan living in Russia condemned the isolation on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the attacks of the Turkish state on Efrîn Canton.

Kurdish institutions representing the Kurdish diaspora in the Russian Federation organised a demonstration and press statement in the cities of Moscow and Saratov to condemn the aggravated isolation on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the attacks of the Turkish state on Efrîn Canton.


Kurdish institutions in Russian capital Moscow organised a joint press statement at the Kurdish People's Center in attendence of chairpersons of Russia Kurds' National and Cultural Federal Autonomy, Kurdish Society Institution's Union, Êzdîxan Movement, Moscow Kurdish Women's Organisation and Kurdish Women's Union in Russia.

Member of Kurdish Women's Union in Russia, Kurdistan Lezgiyava, read out the statement which said, "The leader of the Kurdish People, Abdullah Öcalan is held in severe isolation since the first day he was abducted. But the isolation on our leader has aggravated during the fascist governance of Erdoğan. The isolation has reached a stage where the health and life of our leader is directly endangered.

Enormous isolation and pressures are exerted on our Leader since 2011. His human rights have been violated, meetings with his lawyers and families have been prohibited, and we the Kurdish people are kept without any information on our Leader. We do not know what the situation of our Leader is or in what his state of health is. All this causes us serious concerns and worries. We have seen the last days even producing news as "Our Leader is missing". The existence and life of our Leader means the same as our existence and life. He himself means existence of the Kurdish People. We all know the true extent of the fascism and dictatorship embodied by the Turkish state and Erdoğan. They would commit anything. We call for that reason first upon all the Kurdish people to be to the utmost vigilant and active. Then we call on democrats, the Commitee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) and all the peoples in the world to break the silence towards this situation. This is a crime against humanity. To be silent about this situation means being accomplice in this crime. We the Kurdish people condemn and decry here at the Essenge field, those attacks against our leader in the harshest manner possible.

As we know and can follow in the news, external forces and especially the fascist Turkish state are not well-disposed towards the victories and gains of our people in Rojava. They prepare now for devastating onslaughts on Efrîn Canton as they did on Kobanê. They are bombing Efrîn right now with tanks and rockets. But they will face the same defeat in Efrîn as they did in Kobanê. We stand by the side of our people in Efrîn. We stand by the side of the YPG and YPJ forces. As the Kurdish people in Moscow's Essenge region we condemn those attacks and plans of the AKP and Turkish state to the utmost."


People of Kurdistan living in Ershov district of Saratov staged a protest in front of the Kurdish Culture Centre with high participation, to condemn the isolation on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Member of Ershov Assembly of Kurds, Isa Usmanov, stressed the aggravated isolation on Öcalan and said: "This is a long time that a brutal isolation and pressure is exerted on our leader. The Kurdish people will never accept this isolation. We call on the state of Russia and all peace advocating sides to initiate efforts against this situation.

On the occasion of the historical death fast anniversary, we commemorate the heroes of Amed prison and bow to the legacy of their resistance of July 14. The resistance in the Amed prison bestowed the whole Kurdish people the spirit of resistance and victory. We will lift the isolation on Öcalan with that spirit."