Intellectuals urge the Arab League to speak out against Turkish attacks

Arab intellectuals, politicians and writers condemned Arab countries for remaining silent towards the latest military assault of the Turkish state on the Medya Defense Zones, urging the Arab League to hold an extraordinary meeting to address the issue.

21 Arab journalists, politicians and intellectuals from Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine and Iraq released a statement regarding the recent military operation of the Turkish state in the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). The statement urged the Arab League to hold an extraordinary meeting to respond to Turkish military aggression and said that the United Nations should also take a stance on the issue.

“We, as intellectuals and politicians, consider the problems in Arab countries and the Middle East as our own. The silence of the Arab countries regarding the bellicose stance of the Turkish state disturbs us. Especially the Turkish state's latest military aggression on Iraqi lands, which are part of the Arab unity, makes us think. Until now, no Arab country has made any statements on this issue,” the statement read.

“We ask the Arab League to hold an extraordinary meeting. They should address the subject and react to the dreams of the Turkish state. The Arab League agreement states that if a country faces an invasion and attack, the Arab League must intervene. We expect the Arab League to do so now,” the intellectuals remarked.

“We want especially the United Nations, the Security Council, relavant institutions and organizations, and the whole world to get informed about this situation. In addition, we hope that they will express their reactions against the attacks," they added.

The signatories of the statement are as follows:

* Recai Fayîd, Head of the Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies and member of the Egyptian Foreign Relations Council

* Egyptian Socialist Party chair Teacher Ehmed Bahaedin.

* Bath Nahrîn-Iraqi National Union chair Yusuf Yaqup Metî

* Yemeni writer Ebdurrehman El-Reyyan

* Palestinian Political Science expert and author Dr. Eymen Feteh.

* Libyan Revolutionary and Democrat Arab Dialogue Forum Coordinator Hisên El-Suyeedî

* Egyptian El-Exbar Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Mehemed Hesen El-Bene

* Libyan Politician and Writer Osman Birkê

* Lebanese journalist and writer Xurşit Dilî

* Egyptian Political Science expert Dr. Firneza Atiye

* Palestinian journalist and writer Esir Nuval Cebir

* Head of the Cairo Research Center and journalist-writer Al-Seyid Ebdulfetah

* Lebanese writer Ferhan Salih

* Lebanese novelist and researcher Ebbas Cefer El-Huseynî

* Safiye Tatar, head of the Lebanese Health and Defense Association

* Delal Bistanî, Executive Member of the Lebanese Democratic Women's Group

* Lebanese academic and activist Loneh El-Xerîb

* Lebanese academic and writer Xelil El-Qazî

* Palestinian politician and academic Yasil Eyo Seydo

* Lebanese law expert and political activist Hemo Muskviyan

* Iraqi writer and journalist Elî Nacî