HDP MP Çepni: Ministry of Interior responsible for the attack

HDP deputy Murat Çepni said that the attack on the HDP İzmir headquarters was directly organized by the Ministry of Interior.

The İzmir headquarters the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) was raided by an armed attacker at around 10:30 local time this morning. While the building was set on fire, party member Deniz Poyraz was killed. The assailant, named Onur Gencer was taken into custody.

HDP İzmir Deputy Murat Çepni stated that the attack was directly organized by the Ministry of Interior, according to Mezopotamya News Agency. “This is an organized attack like the recent one at the HDP Ankara Headquarters. The government is again introducing provocations against our party in an attempt to get out of the crisis it has been going through. We call on all of our people to embrace the HDP and unite around it," Çepni said.

HDP Istanbul Deputy Hüda Kaya said, “We have been trying to take precautions against these attacks in the last months because the government itself has become a hitman.”

“Every day their crimes are revealed. For this reason, they are supposed to change the agenda as they are desperate to cover their crimes and corruption. To us, this attack is not a surprise. They may also say that the attacker was a drunk man. However, the government, especially the Minister of Internal Affairs knew it coming. They are the gunmen; they are the ringleaders of the gunmen.”