German police confiscate thousands of books and CDs

Thousands of books and CDs have been confiscated during the raid on the Mezopotamien Publishing House and the Mir Multimedia music company.

From Thursday morning at 5.00 clock until Saturday night, the premises of Mezopotamien-Verlag and Mir Multimedia GmbH have been searched by German police in Neuss. During these three days tons of books, CDs, archives and equipment from the recording studio have been confiscated. The confiscated objects were transported away with several trucks.

Cevadê Mervanî of Mir Multimedia told ANF that they were able to enter the building only after the police left and added: "Everything has been confused. All shelves are empty. There were thousands of books and CDs here. It looks like after a robbery. Computers, studio equipment and even microphone stands have taken them with them. It is a painful sight. This policy is barbaric. "

He feels reminded of the Nazi period, continues Mervanî: "Hundreds of Kurdish artists have worked here. We tried to convey the Kurdish culture to the younger generation. We also think of ourselves as mediators between German and Kurdish society. What has been practiced here is a shame. "

The Turkish regime has been trying for decades to destroy the Kurdish culture. "We will not be intimidated here either and continue our cultural work under all circumstances," Mervanî said.