French associations hold solidarity meetings in Brittany

French associations in solidarity with the Kurds held meetings with the participation of internationalist activists in many cities in Brittany.

Public meetings took place in the cities of Plougonveur, Carhaix, Lorient, Rennes and Nantes in Brittany, France.

During the meetings, Breton fighter Olivier le Clainche (Kendal Breizh), who fell as a martyr on 10 February 2018, during the resistance against the invasion attacks launched by the Turkish state in Afrin, and his comrades were commemorated.

While the Rojava revolution and the paradigm of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan were introduced at the meetings, and signatures were collected within the framework of the international campaign launched to remove the PKK from the EU list of terrorist organizations.

In the city of Carhaix, marches were sung in Kurdish and Breton in front of the wall of a house where a giant portrait of Breizh was painted.

The largest meeting was held at the University of Rennes campus. Antifa, UCL and Rennes Democratic Kurdish Community Center organized a panel there.

While internationalist activists Sara and Tijda made presentations drawing attention to the social, ideological and international dimension of the Rojava Revolution, one of the Kurdish activists, Munzur Kafkas, talked about the historical development of the PKK and the paradigm of Abdullah Öcalan.