Demirtaş announces personal assets

HDP’s Presidential Candidate Selahattin Demirtaş announced his personal assets before the June 24 elections.

Imprisoned Presidential candidate Demirtaş shared his personal assets and his university diploma.

The post on Demirtaş’s Twitter account included the following:

“I have received Transparency International’s call for candidates to announce their personal assets. I hereby declare that I own:

- One residence worth 300.000 Liras (~ $67.000)

- One 2013 model automobile worth 55.000 Liras (~ $12.000)

- Hundreds of books, thousands of letters

- And one university diploma”


Demirtaş had announced his personal assets as follows in the previous presidential elections:

“One residence worth 280.000 Liras ( $62.000), one Audi automobile worth 155.000 Liras ( $34.000) bought on December 3, 2012, one Skoda automobile worth 55.000 Liras (~ $12.000) bought on May 21, 2013.”