Ceremony for fallen American YPG member Israel in California

Family of the American YPG member Michael Israel spoke during the ceremony held for their son in California, and said that he had enjoyed taking risks for a fairer world.

American YPG fighter Michael Israel, nom de guerre Robîn Agirî, fell as martyr as result of Turkish warplanes’ bombardment of Manbij Military Council positions in western Manbij on November 24, 2016. Born in California, USA, Robîn Agirî joined the revolution of Syrian peoples in July, 2016, saying “There is a revolution for the freedom of peoples in Rojava and North Syria. I came here to participate in this sacred struggle.”

Israel’s body was retrieved by California Kurdish Society Center members and the socialist group Israel had belonged to at San Francisco airport, and brought to Lodi city where he used to live. Kurds and Americans observed a moment of silence here and read the Ey Raqîp anthem at the ceremony.

Michael Israel’s father spoke during the ceremony and said that his son had enjoyed taking risks for a fairer world and was supported by his family in all of his decisions. Israel’s mother also spoke and said "It is nice to see you, Kurdish people, here. I cannot thank you enough for not abandoning us."

Speaking after, Neo Dilxwesh on behalf of California Kurdish Society Center said "Michael will live forever in the hearts of all Kurds. The upcoming Newroz celebration will be attributed to his memory and life philosophy."