At least 15 Turkish soldiers killed in Mardin and Hakkari

HPG announced that at least 15 soldiers of the Turkish army have been killed in Mardin and Hakkari.

People’s Defense Forces (HPG) Press Centre released a statement announcing the details of the most recent actions carried out by guerrilla forces against the invading Turkish army in Northern Kurdistan.

Full text of the statement is as follows;

Within the scope of the Martyr Delal Amed and Besta Martyrs Revolutionary Campaign, on October 11, at 20.30, our guerrilla forces carried out an action against a convoy of the operation moving in the road between Mardin’s Stewrê (Savur) district and Ewêna area.

In the action, all the vehicles in the convoy were intensively put under fire from two sides. A Kirpi-type armoured vehicle and a Cobra-type armoured vehicle in the convoy were completely destroyed and eight enemy soldiers were killed while seven were wounded. Following the action, an operation was launched by the occupying Turkish army in the area.

The invading Turkish state has served the successful action carried out by our forces as the injury of four soldiers “as a result of lightning” and has been blatantly spreading lies through the pool media in order to cover up the heavy blows inflicted on them by our forces.

Within the scope of the Martyr Pîroz and the Martyr Agirî Revolutionary Campaign, on October 18, 14.00, our forces carried out an action against the invading Turkish army soldiers positioned on the Binbir straight in the Çarçella region of Gever (Yüksekova) district of Hakkari. In this action, where the enemy positions and shelters were hit effectively, two enemy shelters were destroyed and seven enemy soldiers were killed. Following the action, the invading Turkish army, which bombed the area with howitzer and mortar shells, removed and dead and wounded soldiers from the area whit Sikorksy type helicopters at around 15.00.

Warplanes of the invading Turkish army carried out air attacks against the Medya Defence Zones. Details of the air attacks are as following;

On October 17, at 14.45, the warplanes bombed the Hakkari hill of the Metina region.

On October 18, between 09.30 and 11.00, the Gundê Filleha area of the Zap region, between 21.00 and 23.00, Karker, Çemço and Rençberağa areas of the Zap region and Savaş hill in the Kandil region were bombed.

While we have had no guerrilla loses in the air attacks carried out by the invading Turkish army against the Medya Defence Zones, the vineyards and gardens of locals have been damaged in many areas.