AKP-MHP alliance fails

MHP Leader Devlet Bahceli announced that the alliance with the AKP has failed in his speech in the party’s parliamentary group meeting.

Leader of the racist MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) Devlet Bahceli announced that they are no longer looking for an alliance before the local elections.

Bahceli said, “As the MHP, we are prepared to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.”

Bahceli implied the reason why the alliance with the AKP failed and said: “No alliance can stand when one side is rejected and ignored. No alliance can survive when one side imposes and shakes a finger at the other. No alliance can continue to exist with rumors of its failure, and a search for opportunity to do so. Those within the AKP who wished to undermine the alliance can jump up and down. It is time to put an end to the search for legal basis.”

Bahceli said his party is no longer looking for an alliance in the local elections: “For the March 31, 2019 Local Administration Elections, we no longer have any expectation, search or intention for any alliance at this point.”