70 km covered in the Long March for Öcalan in Germany

The Long March of the Kurdish youth, started on 11 September in German city Dortmund, continues in its 4th day. The youths already covered 70 kilometers and are heading now towards Leverkusen.

Participants of the Long March gathered in the morning at the Democratic Kurdish Society Center in Dusseldorf and set out for the fourth and longest stage as they will walk a distance of 30 kilometers to Leverkusen city throughout today.

Also today, the marching Kurdish young people were attacked by fascists, but voided all provocations by keeping their lines and continuing the march chanting slogans.

Free Young Women (Jinên Ciwanên Azad) and Free Youths (Ciwanên Azad) will hold a commemoration ceremony in Leverkusen honoring the martyrs of revolution in the person of Tîjda Ekecîk (Fatma Yağmur) and Ali Çiçek (Xelîl Alyan).

The youths are expected to reach Leverkusen in the evening.