Sabri Ok: The aim of Turkey’s offensive is to separate South and North Kurdistan

Sabri Ok from the Executive Committee of the KCK stated that the aim of the current Turkish invasion in the Medya Defense Zones in South Kurdistan is the separation of northern and southern Kurdistan and the expulsion of the civilian population.

Speaking on Stêrk-TV, Sabri Ok of the Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) assessed the current developments in the Medya Defense Zones. Ok described the large-scale invasion of the Medya Defense Zones, which has been ongoing for thirteen days, as part of the attempt to implement a "Sri Lankan solution". This refers to the complete annihilation of the freedom movement along the lines of the genocide against the LTTE and the Tamil population of Tamil Eelam.

In this context, Ok particularly pointed to the massive bombing of Medya Defense Zones and the use of chemical weapons by Turkey. Turkish regime leader Erdoğan announced the attack on the Gare region in the Medya Defense Zones as "good news." However, this attack ended in disaster and now the Turkish state wants to compensate for the dramatic defeat of Gare with the attacks on Zap, Metina and Avashin, he said.  

"We had already suspected that the fascist AKP/MHP power bloc would not be satisfied after Gare and would stick to its concept of annihilation. And we were not wrong. Currently, they are carrying out an all-out attack on Zap, Metina and Avashin. The goal of this wave of attacks is to separate northern Kurdistan from southern Kurdistan, displace civilians and drive a wedge into Medya Defense Zones,” he underlined.

International powers gave green light for attack

Ok stressed that the attack on the Medya Defense Zones was carried out with the consent of the international powers. He particularly pointed out the role of Great Britain and recalled that already in the 1990s, before the implementation of the extermination war concept, the then Chief of General Staff Güreş had visited Great Britain. "After this meeting, Güreş had declared: 'We have received permission to do everything possible against the PKK.' Subsequently, thousands, among them Kurdish entrepreneurs, journalists and patriots were murdered. Today, they have received similar permission and have subsequently gone on the attack. The Iraqi government, by its silence, has also agreed. The South Kurdistan government and the KDP are openly involved in this anyway."

Turkish state uses ISIS and Al-Nusra members

Sabri Ok stated that Turkey was using Syrian jihadists from ISIS and al-Nusra as troops against guerrillas in southern Kurdistan, recalling the words of Turkish Interior Minister Soylu who had said ‘Our goal is the same as in Syria. We have come to stay in Iraq’. Ok warned that the Turkish state is planning to annex the regions under attack, stressing, "Iraqi territory is being bombed around the clock and Turkey says it wants to stay in the region. But Iraqi government officials do not ask Turkey what it is doing here. Regarding Shengal (Sinjar), the Iraqi government keeps talking about territorial integrity, but why is Iraq silent towards the invasion of its territory? The Turkish state is encouraged by the silence of the regional powers."

Do not obstruct the protests against the invasion

Addressing the South Kurdistan government, Ok said: "The only force in the Middle East that can resist and fight against the attacks of the Turkish state is the PKK. Up to a certain point, it is understandable why you do not fight against the Turkish state, but do not hinder the South Kurdistan people in their protest against the attacks. The guerrillas are the insurance of South Kurdistan, and we know how much they are loved by the people."

Criticize the mendacious perspective of your states

Ok also criticized the classification of the PKK as a terrorist organization, and in this context especially Germany and the USA: "In which terrorist actions do our people in Germany participate that you classify them as terrorists? The USA calls our three friends (Cemil Bayık, Murat Karayılan and Duran Kalkan) terrorists. These friends have defeated ISIS with their fight. If ISIS had not been defeated, would Germany, England and the U.S. be safe?"

Ok ended with the following appeal, "I am addressing the politicians and intellectuals of these countries. Perceive and criticize this mendacious perspective of your states. The Kurdish question is an international question, if it were not so, we would have resolved it dozens of times already."