People of Afrin protest Turkish occupation on the 3rd anniversary

Displaced people of Afrin have staged a march in protest at Turkish occupation and met with Russian officials at a Russian base in the Fafin district of Shehba on the third anniversary of the launch of Turkey's genocidal campaign.

People from Afrin, who were displaced by Turkish invasion and settled in the Shehba Camp, have taken to the streets today to protest the occupation of their land by the Turkish state with allied mercenaries on its third anniversary.

The protest march continued up to the Russian base in the Wahshiya village of the Fafin district with the crowd chanting slogans condemning the Turkish invasion.

Here, a delegation consisting of Afrin Canton Council Member Fatime Lekto, Human Rights Organization Afrin-Syria Spokesman Ibrahim Şexo, Afrin Notables Councilor Heci Mustafa had a talk with Russian officials stationed at the base.

The delegation representing Afrin submitted the Russian officials a dossier on the crimes the Turkish state forces have committed in the region. The group also left a black wreath in front of the Russian base.

Afrin Civil Administration Deputy Co-president Israel Mistefa made a statement here and said: “The Turkish state and allied mercenaries have occupied our lands. Russia gave green light to this occupation through which the Turkish state did not only seek to invade Afrin but also aspired to disperse the Autonomous Administration, democratic nation and fraternity of peoples.”

Stressing that the Turkish state was still committing a crime against humanity in Afrin, Mistefa continued; “The Turkish state is changing the demographic structure of the region today. The people who remain on their own land are abducted, tortured and rape, while on the other hand historical places are looted. All these crimes are being committed before the eyes of international community. Still, silence prevails all those concerned, including the UN Security Council. We also criticise the attitude of Russia which should have acted in accordance with the UN resolution 2254 but doesn’t recognise this law. Russia has driven the mercenaries out of the Syrian government controlled areas, and gathered them together in the Turkish-occupied areas afterwards. The Turkish state is supporting these gangs that are in Syria today but will be a calamity to the entire world tomorrow.”