“Turkey’s fascist mentality targeted Leader Öcalan’s house in Kobane”

The ‘Freedom for the Leader Committee’ in North-East Syria said that the attack on Abdullah Öcalan's house in Kobane was the outcome of a fascist mentality and contrary to fundamental values.

The house where Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan stayed for a while in the village of Elpelorê in Kobanê was attacked by unmanned reconnaissance planes on Friday. The attack carried out at around 03:00 last night caused property damage. Öcalan stayed in this house in the village of Elpelûrê, 5 km west of Kobanê, after he crossed from Urfa, North Kurdistan into Rojava in 1979. The house is known as the "House of the Leader". Since 2016, the birthday of the Kurdish leader has been celebrated by the people of Kobanê in Elpelûre.

The ‘Freedom for the Leader Committee’ in North-East Syria protested the attack which -it said- was against fundamental values and laws.

"We strongly condemn this inhuman and barbaric act. The Turkish state is scared of free thinking. Our people and our friends will reclaim the Leader and our values,” the Committee told ANHA news agency.