KCK: Autonomy and self-defense will secure the future of Yazidis

Only through an autonomous status and the expansion of self-defense can the existence of the Yazidi people in Shengal be preserved, says the KCK on the anniversary of the ISIS genocide six years ago.

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) released a statement on the anniversary of the ISIS genocide in Shengal on August 3, 2014, saying; "The 74th genocide has openly shown that the Yazidis have and need the right to autonomy and self-defense. An autonomous Êzidxan is indispensable for the existence of the Yazidi people".

The KCK described the genocide and femicide carried out by the ISIS in Shengal as "the cruelest attack on human values" and "on the Yazidi Kurds as the most innocent people of humanity". The 74th genocide was intended to erase the Yazidis from history, according to the KCK Executive Council.

The KCK statement highlighted that: "With our anger grows our conviction of the necessity of a free and democratic life. We give our word once again to create a free Kurdistan and a democratic Middle East where the Yazidis can freely live out their faith and culture. The dream of Mam Zekî Şengalî, Bêrîvan Şengalî and Zerdeşt Şengalî for a free and autonomous Êzidxan (Yazidi land) that defends itself will become reality one day."

According to the KCK, Turkey’s AKP had the ISIS attack Shengal in order to break the will of the people of Kurdistan and to increase its power in the Middle East. “The protection of the Yazidi people is also a special concern of Abdullah Öcalan. Without the freedom of the Yazidi people, a free and democratic Kurdistan is unthinkable.”

The KCK pointed out that neither the Iraqi army nor the Peshmerga defended Shengal at the time of the ISIS invasion: "It was a small guerrilla group of twelve fighters who defended Shengal and saved the Yazidis from complete genocide. Iraq, the KDP Peshmerga and all international powers are in debt to the guerrillas."

Shengal, the motherland of Yazidis

Yezidism originated in Shengal and only here can the continuity of its existence be guaranteed, the KCK said and continued: "With its stones and its earth, its valleys and mountains, its flowers and trees, its birds and wolves, Shengal is an inseparable part of Yazidi life and faith and Yazidi culture. Without Shengal as the motherland, Yezidism cannot survive in Europe, Russia or anywhere else on earth. Therefore, all Yazidis are responsible for making Shengal their motherland and turning their faces towards the motherland. This obligation arises from respect for their faith and their ancestors.

It is of great importance that those who left Shengal at the 74th genocide return. Life in the camps is deadly. Life in Shengal may be difficult, but it is beautiful and motivating. A return from the camps to Shengal means a turn away from death to life. All Yazidis have the responsibility to show solidarity with Shengal. Especially the Yazidi people in Europe should mobilise all means for Shengal. Besides idealistic solidarity, a large part of the material possessions should also be transferred to Shengal. Only then it makes sense to call oneself a Yazidi person and to live the Yazidi faith."

Autonomous organization and self-defense

The KCK statement added: “The Yazidis in Shengal must learn the lesson from the 74th genocide that their existence has no future without self-defence and autonomy. There is a danger that they will disappear from the face of the earth two or three generations later. They must recognise this bitter truth and become an organised society. Society must organize itself into communities and councils. A political, social, economic and cultural self-government must be established. People must defend themselves. Only in this way can the future of the Yazidi people be guaranteed."